Wednesday, July 13



yesterday afternoon, i had soba at my stylist's home
just like that being thick skinned, stayed till the night,
drinking beer while having barbecued chicken stick, having properly tasted summer.
thanks for the accommodation.

today went for shopping. together with my close friend, we wandered aimlessly around Shibuya.

the sun is scorching hot. summer.

gu gu gu~ (T/N it was said that the original text for these three words are written in Korean, it describes sound which pigeon makes)

in the midst of shopping, i ate a double cheeseburger.

i've asked the counter staff what's the difference, in terms of meat, between double cheeseburger and cheeseburger

the counter staff answered that the difference is on its thickness.
to conclude it's better to have double cheeseburger as the cheese and meat are doubled.

after which, while continuing to wander aimlessly, someone asked "are you Yamashita kun".

that person said "i share the same birthday as you".
are you serious?!
it is obvious to myself that i was using falsetto to reply to that person.

why do i have such a big reaction, because yesterday that stylist's son's birthday falls on the same date as me,
consecutively met two people who share the same birthday as me, i couldn't control my emotion for a while simidah.

i think it's not necessary to add simidah and gu gu gu at the end of the sentences.
but my close friend requested me to add in these two words no matter what, therefore i wrote.

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it's quite random to add a couple of Korean words in today's entry.
could it be that pi is hanging out with Jaejoong today?
as i think it's quite random for Toma or Shirota to suddenly ask pi to write Korean words in his nikki.
as for Jin, right now he's at USA, hence i don't think the close friend refers to him.

what do all of you think? :)

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