Saturday, July 24

no entry

there's no entry from pi yesterday.

the full pv version of One In A Million is out!!

credit kpopmvsub@YT

after watching the full PV.
this song still hasn't grow on me.
i think find okay with it,
unlike Loveless which i ♥ it so much, after watching the full PV.

oh well~!

maybe i shall wait and watch his performance in HEYx3 and Shounen Club,
then i will like it?!

Friday, July 16

no entry

there is no entry from pi-chan today~

here is the new Kirin CM

love to see him in white and some more it's blouse~

he look quite tired in this cm.
his eyes seemed to be shutting any moment X)

please take as much rest as possible.
do tired your body out~!
ganbatte ne, pi-chan!

Wednesday, July 14

no entry

pi-chan didn't update his nikki.

One in a Million PV preview was out, this morning.
and all of you can view it over here:

and here:

this PV seems exciting!!
and omg at the second video,
such proximity between pi and the girl.
*imagining myself as the girl*
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
that girl is so freaking LUCKY~~~!!!!!!!

in addition,
in the PV, somehow yamapi have jin's feel in it.
with his moves, glasses and hoodie.

and seems like it isn't any typical JE boys' PV.
it has this western feel it (since, its director is a Caucasian).

i can predict that my opinion on this song will change after i watch the full PV

let's shall wait and see

Monday, July 12

no entry

pi-chan didn't update his nikki~

but have you heard it?
there's a rumor saying pi was/is in M'sia these few days~!
M'sia!! that is like so close to my country!!!!!

and did he give us a hint in his nikki yesterday,
saying he wants to go somewhere slightly further away from Tokyo to breathe some fresh air?!
moreover, the unusual non-frequent updates these few days?

here is the "news" if you are interested. 
thanks to the people in jpopfun for giving us this piece of juicy "news"

Saturday, July 10

no entry

no updates from pi yesterday~
wait a while more, for today's update.

cya later!

Monday, July 5

no entry

once again,
yamapi-chan didn't update his nikki yesterday.

maybe he is still with his best bud,
celebrating his birthday together?!

Sunday, July 4

no entry

there is no entry from yamapi yesterday.
maybe because he was busy celebrating Jin's birthday~!?

there's fan report stating that he/she/they saw them (a group of ikemens) in a pub/restaurant/anywhere else, celebrating Jin's 26th birthday :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 2 precious boys,

Bakanishi Jin (oops! for today, i shall properly call you Akanishi Jin instead xP)


Takahisa Masuda!!!!!!
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