Monday, October 10

no entry

there is no update from pi-chan.

by now, everyone of you must have heard about the news.
hence, most probably, pi wouldn't be updating his nikki for these few days.
let us patiently wait for his update!!! ^-^

PS: i don't feel like giving any comments to the news.

Tuesday, August 16


pi-chan didn't update his nikki.

initially, there is an update on the 16th.
but pi submitted an entry last night,
hence the administrator for jweb decided to change the date of this entry to the 15th instead.
hope this doesn't confuse anyone :)


Friday, June 24

no entry

there isn't any update from pi-chan.

something out of the topic.
i wanna wish NICHKHUN (from 2PM),
HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY!!! *(^-^)*

credit Khunnie0624@twitter

well guys, he is my newest addiction :)
i got hook to him by watching a korean variety show 'We Got Married'.
so far, this is the best korean variety i've ever seen (another 1 of my current favorite would be 'Running Man' - this show is seriously hilarious!)

'We Got Married' is an uber cute, sweet variety show.
(you can visit this link:, to have an understanding of what it is)
moreover, recently there's nothing to do online,
hence went to watch this show, since a couple of my friends mentioned that this is not bad a show,
and *boom* i'm addicted to this couple - Khuntoria♥

credit KhunToria WGM@FB

they want me to fall in love~!!!!!!  ♥♥♥♥
and nichkhun is such a gentleman.
if only, i could find someone like him~

what should i do today?!

Tuesday, June 14

[EDIT] vol.2534

there isn't any update from pi-chan.

instead of a no-update on the 13th, pi did update on this date ^-^
please find below for the 13th June update:


Wednesday, May 18

no entry (5.8.2011 - 5.17.2011)

there isn't any update from pi-chan on these days.

and i'm truly sorry for the late updates on pi's nikki.
recently, i'm v v v busy with my work.
i have been on-site for the past 7 days and right now, i'm super duper tired

and guess what everyone!

i have another event to handle this coming Sunday!!

Sunday, May 8

no entry

there is no update from pi-san,

by the way,
HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all the wonderful mothers on Earth!!!

Monday, May 2

no entry

there isn't any update from pi-san,

he didn't wish koyama happy birthday!! :(
he should at least update with 1 sentence like 'Happy Birthday, Kei-chan' yesterday in his nikki.
oh well~
probably, he had wished him happy b'dae privately?! :)

Monday, April 25

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

most probably he might update today or these few days,
after his return from BKK
awaiting patiently for his update! ^-^

Saturday, April 23

no entry

there is no entry from pi-san~

well, we should be aware of it already
as he is holding his solo concert in BKK today today and tomorrow~

Friday, April 22

no entry

pi didn't update his nikki.

apparently, pi is in bkk now!
he reached bkk at 5 plus am.

if only, i'm at bkk now~
i'll be so happy and excited to the extent that i couldn't fall asleep~!

hate it! :S

Monday, April 18

no entry

yamapi is still in Korea having his second show,
hence there isn't any update from him~

Sunday, April 17

no entry

there is no update from pi-san last night.

probably, all of us might have guessed~
he has a concert in Korea these 2 days!

may the concert be a big success ♥
and please hold your concert in Singapore so that i would have the chance to see it without having to travel overseas~!!
in addition, no excuse for my mum to not let me travel overseas~!!

Saturday, April 9

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki~

may you have a blast this year, and on the success of tonight's concert! ^-^
Birthday - Girl Pictures, Images and Photos

wonder how will he react to fan's surprise for him tonight?
can't wait to read report on it :)

Saturday, March 12

no entry

pi-sama didn't update his nikki.

by now everyone should be aware that Japan had been struck by the massive earthquake and tsunami.
hope everyone in Japan who is being affected by it, overcome it with strength.

and to everyone who is worrying about the Yamashita family's condition,
don't worry as someone saw Rina tweeted in her twitter account that she and her family is safe and sound!!
*god bless*

you know what!
i don't think it's a great timing for pi-sama not to update his nikki at a crucial time like this.
he should at least update his nikki by saying that he is safe and sound.
just a few words, it will ease every fan's worrisome thoughts and feelings.
hopefully, pi-sama update today.


Wednesday, March 9

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

guess what!!
the pv for pi's collaboration with namie (song: unusual) is released!!
please find below for the embedded video :)

Uploaded by icecradle. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

i'm awe by it!!
namie look sooooooooooooooooo pretty.
personally, i like her white top and the top which she wore during the blue backdrop scene ♥

as for pi,
esp. when he wore the entire black outfit and the blue jacket. hehe.

in addition, i particularly like the first scene of them dancing together~♥
however, some thoughts came to my mind while i'm watching the pv.
i think it would be great if they can increase the number of times they touch each other while dancing, by reducing the gap between him and her while dancing.
by doing so, i think it enhances the overall feel and look of the choreography~

what i mean by touch is actually illustrated below in this taeyang's pv ↓
i think this not only will spice things up in the pv, they will look super sexy in the pv too ^-^

anyways, taeyang's 'I Need A Girl' pv:

credit KEV1saurus@YT

i love watching this performance~♥
i wouldn't get tired of watching and listening to it.
love to see taeyang's flirtatious moves in the pv X)
and sandara park (from 2NE1) is so pretty too! ^^

Sunday, March 6