Monday, January 24




today hurriedly
hold a hand shake session

a lot of people came
once again, i truly felt that
there are so many people supporting me!

with close proximity i saw
everyone's happy faces, because of me

i'll definitely work harder!

truly grateful!

i hope that there will be another chance
for me to repay all of you in better way

however, i shall show my gratitude to all of you
through concert first

i'm anticipating too!
please support me

i'm going to record HEY! x3
i'm going to sing

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

yeah! HEY!x3 !!
i like NEWS and/or pi to attend HEY!x3
it seems like a lot of interesting thing will happen during the recording.
can't wait to watch this episode (*-*)


  1. pi is always cute when he talks about his fans, always surprise to see how he can make them happy and how much there are.

    Have you seen his new PV ? I love it but I think my favorite still Loveless
    I didn't buy "Hadakanbo" yet (I'd like to have LE but it's already too late will try for the album...) Are you interessed for one of the edition?

  2. haha. we are one of them (the fans) too. whenever pi did something adorable and sweet, i would be swoon over by this yasashii aura~ :D

    yup! i saw and i ♥ it. i think among all his solo PV, this is the nicest and most interesting pv. and he look so darn handsome in it (♥ his current hairstyle). i like Loveless too but currently Hadakanbo is number 1 ^^

    ah!! you didn't make it in time to pre-order the single?! if you don't mind HK version, you can pre-order your copy of the single from this link: (if i'm not wrong, you can select which cover do you want; unlike Jap press). actually, i like the cover of pi when he was 1 year old? the girly lookalike jacket cover? hehe. the RE cover isn't that bad too :)

  3. what about you? which cover do you like? oh! by the way, i like the cover for the album too. it's super simple yet nice ^-^ i pre-ordered the LE HK version of it. hehe.

  4. "please support me"

  5. xD

    yeah, I haven't the time to pre-order the single, I was too busy... I bought CD one time in play asia but it was jap version, I'll try HK thx for the link ^^ (kiss)

    I like the same cover as you ^^ lol

    yeah the album too ^^ Have you read the interview Pi has done when he talks about all the songs on it? (cf: news_jpop) it's seems to be interessant lol

  6. @Julie: you're welcome :) glad that the link helps you.

    you like it too! ^^ well, great minds think alike!! haha!

    you mean the translation of his review for his latest solo album? if so, i think i've read. is it the translation whereby almost all the songs he said "interesting, please listen to it"? haha. because i remember i read a translation whereby he keep saying the songs are interesting and nice, then ask us to listen to it. haha!

  7. Sorry for my belated answer ^^' , I was very busy so I haven't the time to go in the net.
    Yeah it's this one! haha! said like this it sounds he advertises and I didn't notice it maybe it's my fangirl side which get out again u.u
    sorry if you don't understand me, my English is bad