Sunday, January 30

no entry

yesterday was the first day for pi's overseas-solo-concert in Hong Kong!!!!
there must be a lot of last minute preparation that needs to be done for it.
therefore, there wasn't any update from him yesterday.

have all of you seen the photos of the concert goods?
what do all of you think?
personally, i'm not really impress with the design and outcome of the goods.
they aren't what i expect (or should i say, expecting).
it's tooooooooo simple and somehow i felt there isn't any sincerity in making it =\
if i have to say at least 1 thing i like,
then i think i will have to say the photos (shop and concert).

should i edit to 3 things instead?
because personally, i find the picture taken for the front of the clearfile is nice and the pamphlet too ^-^

in addition, i read the setlist.
he didn't sing 'Flavor Favor For You'!!
i am interested in finding out how he will perform for this song~!!
and from the setlist, i find the concert is a bit short X)
do you think so too?!

Saturday, January 29

no entry

yamapi didn't update his nikki last night~
apparently, since 27th Jan, he is in Hong Kong.
therefore, as i said in my previous post, i don't think he will update his nikki these few days UNLESS he wants to convey the message and excitement of his solo concert in Hong Kong to all his other fans, not in Hong Kong at the moment,  then i think he will update his nikki (like what he did when he was on the trip to Thailand). hehe.

Friday, January 28

Thursday, January 27

no entry

yamapi didn't update his nikki last night.

i think these few days, he will not be updating his nikki as his solo concert is coming soon (to be exact, this Saturday is his first show for his solo concert in Hong Kong)!!
he must be v busy rehearsing for his concert.


Wednesday, January 26

Thursday, January 20

no entry

there is no update from pi.

by the way,
i'm sooooooo terribly sorry for the disappearance from the translate world for almost 2 weeks.
i didn't mean to go missing in action for these past 2 weeks X)

for these past weeks, i have been rather busy with my work.
i have been on-site for an event at Marina Bay Sands from the 4th of Jan to the 16th (working hours from 0900 ~ 1000 *faint*)

i was so freaking tired to the extent of not having the energy to on my laptop to update myself with pi's and NEWS' no news and to translate pi's nikki; therefore, i have no choice but to let it piled up.
and today, since i'm quite free, i have decided to translate this pile of entries - to stop it from growing to an uncontrollable size X)

and also,
i can say that i am freaking not updated with pi's news.
can someone please update me on pi's juiciest news/rumors? ^-^

hungry for comments and they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar
or you can post your comments in the comment box beneath this post ^^

Sunday, January 16

Saturday, January 15

Monday, January 3

no entry

last night,
yamapi didn't update his nikki~

today is my BIRTHDAY!!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPicit's my birthday, my birthday, my birthdayImage and video hosting by TinyPic


well, even though today is my birthday,
i didn't really make any plans for it X)

but i have this dilemma in my head, right now~
i don't know whether should i go watch a movie in a shopping mall near my house?
and what should i watch?

actually every year on this particular day,
i would have this special feeling felt within myself.
however, this year is an exception.
i feel............................normal - like it was another ordinary day X)

alright! i know!
i shall go watch ProDai SP (as it's my favorite pi dorama of all times) and maybe the downloaded LIVE LIVE LIVE Con DVD!!

i need someone to entertainment me now!