Monday, January 3

no entry

last night,
yamapi didn't update his nikki~

today is my BIRTHDAY!!!
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well, even though today is my birthday,
i didn't really make any plans for it X)

but i have this dilemma in my head, right now~
i don't know whether should i go watch a movie in a shopping mall near my house?
and what should i watch?

actually every year on this particular day,
i would have this special feeling felt within myself.
however, this year is an exception.
i feel............................normal - like it was another ordinary day X)

alright! i know!
i shall go watch ProDai SP (as it's my favorite pi dorama of all times) and maybe the downloaded LIVE LIVE LIVE Con DVD!!

i need someone to entertainment me now!


  1. (^o^)Happy Birthday! Today you should do anything you like d(>w<)b Wishing you happiness ^^ May all your birthday dreams and wishes come true~! <333 U *hugs*
    And don't forget you are his One in a million ;)


  2. 君のハッピーバースデー♪♫
    It's all right to feel like it's just another day... just remember that the people around you consider it a special day just because you were born *(^_-)*

  3. @niya-silhouette: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ♥ love your 2 sentences, "Wishing you happiness" AND " are his One in a million" *felt so much love!! ♥♥♥♥*

    @newsxo: ありがとうー!! your message is so much love! i love it too! ♥♥♥♥ i will remember this sentence and say it to another person who felt the same way as i do on his/her birthday, and i will credit you~ :)

  4. Happy Birthday (in late --'),
    I follow your blog since a long long time now and I notice that I never post a comment on it and as it's (was) your birthday I would like to tell you thank you to take some time to translate and post pi's nikki ^^. Hope that you will have a lot of good things happen to you and maybe ... you will be able to see pi face to face. If I could I will do everything to make that happen 'cause you really merit it, you've got the kindness to post and your comments are often cute ^^.
    Anyway, hope you've got a happy birthday !
    (and i wish you a happy new year too)

  5. @Julie: hey! thank you, Julie :) please continue to follow my blog and comment often (because i love reading comments ^^)

  6. don't worry I take good resolutions for this year so I'll comment your blog often ^^

  7. okay. thank you. yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^-^