Wednesday, September 30





recently, everyday is meeting and meeting

i will think that, is there so many things to discuss? 

but there will be emergence of new proposal, one after another
then changes were made again

as expected i still doesn't want to compromise!

thinking of producing something good

today on my way home, bought a cap
because i find it so cute
therefore bought the sports cap!

moreover today lunch was of course ramen again
recently, had it everyday
slightly overdone my likeness to it 

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his never-say-die spirit..
good going, yamapi-dear ^^
ganbatte ne!

i thought he would take a picture of the cho kawaii cap..
but he didn't..
hopefully tonight, he will take a photo of it..

recently, i think it's because one of ch.V (taiwan) program..
i think i've caught the arashi fever
*cough cough*

throughout the 1 hr program,
they were showing arashi's pv..
from their very first video - A.RA.SHI to their not so latest pv - Crazy Moon..
and i was totally going OMG OMG OMG in my head..
all of them look super duperly funny, cute and young..
and then the 1 song which caused me to catch the arashi fever..
is this main culprit~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

i like the dance and the song and the pv..
well basically, everything..

and i find aiba is so cute~
heard from my friend that he likes animal!

Tuesday, September 29





today attended vocal training

following that my solo concert has been confirmed

from this moment onwards, i'm so looking forward to it

practicing assiduously, thinking of giving everyone a happy period of time as a present

if you're free, do come

now off to meeting

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it seems like yamapi-dear will be busy with work in the next few months..
which means that..
more tv appearances and magazine interviews in the next few months!
plus, there will also be promotions from NEWS for their concert dvd too!

Monday, September 28





today went to attend fukuyama-san's concert.

really very handsome

make me wanna practice my guitar too.

after i reached home, i started playing my guitar.

after attending the concert, right away, i feel like dancing and singing.

feelings are rising extremely~

i need to work hard too.

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everytime he likes to hint us with something in his nikki..
previously, he was saying he need to practice his basketball..
then boom! Pictures, Images and Photos! he's starring in Buzzer Beat..

then now, he said "i need to work hard too."
isn't this hinting us that he is going to have his solo concert in Nov~?!

anyway, this is the latest and biggest NEWS this year, girls~
click here to read more on it

after knowing this piece of news..
i screamed my head off..

and i really really want to attend it!
but i have no money!

feeling so depressed and despair now
and also feel like crying too~
Crying Baby Pictures, Images and Photos

how i wish i was born in Japan

NEWS Winter Diamond Party Concert will be releasing a DVD!
yamapi-dear will also be releasing his second single titled 'Loveless'
read on from here and here

correct me, if i'm wrong~
it seems that the Limited Edition version of the concert DVD doesn't include the usual backstage videos..
oooh~ please don't make this DVD exceptional..
i want to see those behind-the-stage video footage..
i truly adore it!

and no wonder
yamapi-dear have been saying he is writing lyrics everyday..
and practicing his dance too..

ahh~ no wonder~

Sunday, September 27





today i'm writing lyrics.

cannot continue on as there's no train of thoughts in mind

therefore, shall update tomorrow

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yamapi-dear sounded stress and depressed..
don't press yourself too hard, yar~!?
if the inspiration doesn't want to pop up, then go take a break..
rest your mind~
maybe while resting, you'll discover something even better than that which you desperately squeeze it out?!

finally yesterday,
i did something which i've always wanted to do, for the past 2-3 days..
after i've bought my pi's so-yesterday photos..

well, here is what it is!

these were done in yesterday afternoon

and these were done, if i'm not mistaken, 1 year ago

do all of you like it?!

actually it isn't anything big..
requiring massive effort and strength..
but still, i feel like sharing with all of you
i shall name this masterpiece as "yamapi in my closet"
LOL! what a weak name~

Saturday, September 26


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




yesterday went to shoot the CM for Toshiba NOTE PC!

didn't update nikki, sorry.

today, starting from morning, took a bath after that went to work in a fresh and cool state

recently, there's really nothing to write

but i'm gonna use the no matter what must use my might to write something manner to live on!


when there's no topic, i shall not write. due to personal reason, when i can't write i shall not write too .


due to personal reason, when i can't write i shall not write too.

so to speak
this sentence, often i used it in 『Wink up』 drawing CORNER.

please must take a look at each idol magazine, in the meantime, take a look at that special column too!

jaa, see ya tomorrow.

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new Toshiba CM!!!!!!!!!!!!
must keep a lookout for it these few days!!
(targeting at each posts in lj and Youtube~)

every month,
i would be anticipating to read the special column in Wink Up magazine..
cause i can see each NEWS members' kawaii drawings..

Tego's "flick-flick" drawings always never fail to make me LOL..
and Shige's very detailed drawings which always amaze me..

and of course!
yamapi-prince's square-is-square, circle-is-circle drawings..

he is truly awesome as he is able to bring out whatever the question wants them to draw with just some basic shapes..
if only, i realize this technique during my primary and secondary school art class..
then i would not have so much trouble in producing whatever work my sensei wants..

by the way, guys,
if anyone of you haven't seen the
heartbroken Pictures, Images and Photos
FRIDAY magazine?? 

click on these links to view it:
credit: watchful21 @ lj

the last 2 links totally slap me in the face!
they are really dating!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
coolest gif ever Pictures, Images and Photos

NO HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO HOPE FOR ME!!!!!!!
Crying! Pictures, Images and Photos
sorry, i can't think positively right now

Thursday, September 24





today, after a long time, went to the gym center.

had ramen before going to the gym center.

although i've put in egg.

it wasn't successful in turning out to be half-boiled, slightly downcast

difficult to grab a hold of the correct timing.

in spite of this, in the end, it's delicious.

right now i'm going to start writing my lyrics.

hope i'm able to produce something good.

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Wednesday, September 23

no entry

yamapi-prince didn't update his nikki

today i bought something!
something which i wanted since i laid my eyes on it..
but was too expensive, i decided to give up..

but today,
i saw it on sale!
*woohoo! yippy*

so without hesitation,
i bought it..

it isn't anything new though - new photos..
it's something very yesterday..
but still he look so kakkoi in it!


Tuesday, September 22


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today is the final episode of 「ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~」!

but i am really very happy.

the best.
people who are watching.

then to those people who schemed this
all staff
all cast

thanks everyone.

this is a wonderful drama.
thank you!

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somehow i feel that he do love this drama and its drama crew (which include the casts too)
i can really feel his gratitude to everyone who are involve in this drama!
his thank you-s expressed in this posts and earlier posts are so sincere~
*touched cum weeping*

Special Fan Mail 11

words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^

i'm yamashita tomohisa.

tonight starting at 9, it's the final episode of 『ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~』.

4 days has passed since the last day of fliming

already feeling lonely to a certain extent.

it's interesting at the shooting location
and it's also fun to play basketball.

people around me have been saying
"am watching, quite interesting wo"
extremely happy.

whenever this moment come, i would think, in the future i want to produce an even better masterpiece.

today is the last day of airing.
naoki and riko's relationship
personally i think it's too perfect.

if people who are watching to become slightly happy
i will be happy too.

me too, really 最高のlucky to be able to act out as kamiya naoki, this character.

i believe that to never give up on your dream till the end, is really extremely~ suave~.
although it's a fictional character, learned a lot from it.

i will also persevere till the very end, not giving up on my dream.

these feelings are what this drama gave me.

everyone must watch it!

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Monday, September 21





today from afternoon till now
been dancing, dancing, dancing
it's スクダンヅンブンクン.

seems like

my brain is tired too

still need to continue dancing for a while
because there are still plenty of stuff that need confirmation again.

therefore, shall write again tomorrow

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スクダンヅンブンクン = sukudanzunbunkun = hannya's (the comedian group) famous line

Sunday, September 20


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today i attended Eikichi Yazawa-san's concert.

together with my mum.

very happy~!

had a very Rock'n'-roll feel!

for a while, my feelings upsurged~!!

my stomach also starts to feel hungry~!!

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yamapi is such a filial child!

attending a 2-hour concert of a veteran singer singing songs which may not appeal to him..
just because his mum adores the singer
he sure do love his family!
plus pointsssssss for him

wouldn't it be interesting
if NEWS next single is something very rock 'n' roll-kish..
then everyone's outfit will look similar to this guy's outfit

cool ne~

by the way,
yesterday yamapi-dear uploaded the photo of the Buzzer Beat chocolate..
click here to view it!

recently, i borrowed Twilight DVD from my school library..

i got the chance to see and understand why Robert Pattinson is so hot and well-known..
*clear throat*
however, this doesn't imply that i idolize him
x) hehe..
he's not my cup of tea x)

something interesting from my sister..
she asked me,
"Do you know that Robert Pattinson acted in Harry Potter?"
HARRY POTTER -> Robert Pattinson = Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!

so i did a small research..


he and Daniel in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

interesting ne~
everyone has his/her own past..

instead, i prefer the lady who act as Robert's elder sister, Alice Cullen

she is soooooooooooooooo cool~

i don't really like Bella, this character..
i find her quite irritating
she's is so sensitive..
and busybody *argh!*
ok, enough of her..

i watched this movie in the middle of the night, 2am..
and i was practically overcoming the power of the sleep bugs while watching it..

scenes that i love would be
1. the baseball scene:

whereby everything - from the way it is shot to the way the chosen background music
(by the way, it's Supermassive Black Hole by Muse)

and 2. the fight scene at the end!!

for those who adore these 2 main leads
here's something for ya!

find this photoshop picture nice

Saturday, September 19


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




「ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~」 chocolate

gave me a fright.

it seems like staff san pleaded someone to make it.


immediately, today, i'm going for my dance lesson.

today too, i perspired a lot.

time flies fast.


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Friday, September 18





today is the end of 「ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~」 shooting.

so lonely.

even though during the busy times, it's morning and felt like sleeping.

although this is how i think,
finally the end has reached.

generally i feel that i shouldn't waste my time, right.

in short, next week is the final episode.
anticipating to see what will the final outcome of the drama be like.

this time, i directly act out this straightforward character.
truly thankful to the producer, scriptwriter, director and all the co-stars and staff.

being able to act out a 24 years old real character, really very happy ne.

and every one watching 「ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~」,
truly truly thankful to all of you!

and naoki this role.

will he continue to shine?
even till the end still have the never-give-up spirit, that's great.

i want to learn from naoki too.

grateful for this fantastic summer!
this is a production filled with these emotions.

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Thursday, September 17





yesterday i had sukiyaki
with the basketball team members!
super~ delicious.

hard to imagine that it is something so delicious to be an existent in this world.

it is always utsunomiya-san and coach kawasaki as the center to make everyone's tension high.

talked about the basketball memories that we had up till now

because it is a considerably passionate topic, therefore the tension had risen.

after that, today's lunch, i had soba
with shuji

credit baidu

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actual posting:-
date: 09.18.2009
time: AM2:38

Wednesday, September 16


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today all the ARCS team members had finished shooting their parts.

indeed still can't bear to part.

in order to be able to play basketball again with everyone.
everyone brought home the jersey! ↑

if we are able to form a basketball team
and play a match together, that'll be great.
everyone said this

then let's make this come true↑!!

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*lightning strikes*
when i was about to translate yamapi's yesterday nikki..
this title caught my attention!

literally it means, "yamapi dating for 3 months already"

*lightning strikes again*

this time,
the other party is a mix..
she's a half canadian half japanese model.
(PS: she's not another AV, phew~)
and her name is..

here's more info:
yamapi dating for 3 months already
click on the link provided in the webpage after you've entered the above link

this news come from the yahoo! Japan website..
anyone mind translating what the original japan news article said?!

my nihongo really C.M.I.

here's the translated version of the article
RUMOR: Yamapi dating Kagami Seira... ?
credit: sayaw16kimy & daelite from news_jpop @ lj

Tuesday, September 15


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today, it's filming too

naoki because of leg injury
can't play

i'm in great pain too.

5 minutes later
i'll be appearing in がんばった大賞.

after all
what interesting setting will it use

that's bad, it's time.

off i go.

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NOTE: がんばった大賞 = ganbatta taishou

guys, all of you can visit this web:
ganbatta taishou
to download and/or watch this programme
which yamapi-dear mentioned in his nikki

Special Fan Mail 10

hello everyone

today is the day 「ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~」 episode 10 will be airing.

today, there are lots of things happening in the drama.

even though riko and naoki progress smoothly

"possibly, perhaps........."

this feeling will emerge
and there will also be parts where viewers will feel sad

naoki is a gentle fella.
so envy of him
today too, please watch it ↑

hungry for comments & they are love!
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Monday, September 14


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




zu ku dan zu bun gun

the guys in はんにゃ have finished filming their parts

so lonely

but zu ku dan zu bun gun

the winner and the loser is still indeterminate

in order not to lose to other people, shall work hard

zu ku dan zu bun three points

i'm really a genius

zu ku dan zu bun

Bun bun

off to dance

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NOTE: zu ku dan zu bun gun is a game which hannya (the group) love to used. it's their popular gag segment.

Sunday, September 13





today, the filming location was very luxurious! it's the food fest

this beef rice is very delicious

feeling so bless

i feel bless when i'm eating

bungo beef extremely extremely tasty

tomorrow i'm going for my dance lesson which i never been to for a long time, so excited イムニダ.


this represent my current state of mind.

credit: baidu

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Note: イムニダ (imunida) is japanese 'desu' in korean.

hai! yamapi!
thanks for the free korean class ^^
i'd learned something today~

'sarangae yamapi imunida'
is this correct?!

Saturday, September 12





in next week's 「Buzzer Beat~Gekeppuchi no Hero~」

there's a barbecue scene
for the barbecue, we have used and eaten the best meat
why is meat always that delicious?
thanks a lot for the food!

today is a scene at the park!

because the following shots, i'll only be revisiting a few more times.
feel lonely ne.

i like this park very much.

the artistic picture behind the basketball court is very cute. it is said that it was drawn by a famous England artist.
because it's too cute, everyone try to look at it behind the basketball court while watching!

and in every room, all the small items
are very delicate too,

please take note of it too.

credit: baidu

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Friday, September 11





yesterday wasn't able to update, sorry.

because the drama shooting had entered into the final stage.

today, the shooting started from morning too.

today i took this interesting photo.

who opened it.

such a naughty kid .

thus, after i took a photo of it, i shut it.

today, those people who have helped out in the shoot
thank you so much.

one step closer to the completion of the drama!

[it reads: please do not open this window]
credit: jky2734@xuite

hungry for comments & they are love!
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goody boy, yama-chan..
helping whoever opened this window to close it..

so fast..
2 more episodes and this drama is over!

ganbatte ne, yamapi!
after all these hard work,
you can enjoy yourself in your dance classes and gym visits

Thursday, September 10

no entry

yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki..

maybe it's because yesterday, he had worked out too much in the gym
as it has been such a long time since he visited it..
hehe =X

pi don't force yourself too much ne~
after all, you have just recovered from that influenza..

take care!
mrsyamapi! x)

Wednesday, September 9





recently, a bit addicted to fish sausages.

slightly reminiscing
after bought and eaten it, because it's delicious
couldn't stop eating it unexpectedly.

from now onwards, going to visit the long-time-no-visit gym.

ah~ but feel like going for the dance practice too.

want to go for both.

however, seems like it's too late to go for dance practice
really, i'm not resigning to it.

after the entire filming
will go everyday

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feeling relieved..

just when i thought that yamapi is going to give up on gym for basketball..
because if i remember correctly,
he once said..
he preferred to gain muscle by exercising through playing basketball than by visiting the gym..

ever since i read this particular interview, i've been complaining to my sister about his shrinking muscles..
erm..well guys,
don't cha think his arms and chest muscles becoming small?!

i prefer him to have meat than bones..

love his look and weight
during the prodai, kurosagi the movie and magazine shot period..
Yamapi anan Pictures, Images and Photos
by the way,
i place this picture on the back of my ipod!

and this
proposal daisakusen Pictures, Images and Photos
and so pretty..

Tuesday, September 8





made everyone worried.

already had recovered smoothly, very energetic now!

today is 「Buzzer Beat~Gakeppuchi no Hero~」 final shooting for the competition scene.

thinking that this will be the last time i will be playing basketball with everyone
felt very lonely.

i want to have the not-giving-up-till-the-last-minute spirit when playing.

of course will not forget to rinse my mouth and wash my hands

hungry for comments & they are love!
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ne, yamapi-dear,
you can call me out to accompany you to play basketball when you feel like it..
(ps: even though i have a mild phobia of people throwing balls towards just freaks me out)

i don't mind being the basketball~

plus, i'll have lots of benefits..
such as..
whenever you hug it..
i'll be in your arms
poo and co Pictures, Images and Photos

and it make complete sense when you twirl it..
because, it matches with the saying - "you make my world go round"

i shall end this crazy talk

Special Fan Mail 9

i'm Yamashita Tomohisa.

made everyone worried about me.

now i'm completely recovered already, having shooting everyday.

then the shoot i'm filming now
will be aired today.
it's episode nine.

in this episode there will still be a few struggling plot.

natsuki and riko

and coach kawasaki is coming back.

as a drama, i feel that it's considerably an episode worth watching ↑

and in this episode, naoki has a
"caught a cold" line

at that time, everyone please tease me by saying "it's you, isn't it".

starting nine tonight, everyone please watch it.

hungry for comments & they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar <===

felt so happy and relieved when i was translating this special mail..

glad to "see"/hear yamapi behaving bubbly and naughtily in his nikki..

our dear-yamapi san is BACK!!

*yeah! jumping around*
mrsyamapi not bored anymore!

Monday, September 7

no entry

as usual
last night, yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki..

most probably, he is busy with Buzzer Beat drama shooting..
as on the 5th of Sept, evening, it was reported that yamapi went back to work!!

we shall wait patiently and without any complains for his update! ^^

Sunday, September 6

no entry

again, yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki

one of the Buzzer Beat crew mentioned yamapi-dear in his/her blog post..
here's my translated version:


hi everyone, i'm niku

really sorry for the late update

this period of time, because yamashita-kun was infected with influenza A
resulting in everyone being worried
but, from today onwards, it will be back to normal~

we received lots of heartwarming messages, truly grateful
episode 9 will be smoothly aired as scheduled
please not to worry, everyone

it's been a while since yamapi had been so energetic, all of us are at ease too
everyone please be careful not to get infected

till the final episode, need to work hard too
so please continue to support us till the last episode

in that case, see you next time

the crew even uploaded this photo

NOTE: everything taken baidu
credit to baidu

at least now,
we know that yamapi is doing great for his drama shooting
ganbatte ne, yamapi!
Ganbatte Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, September 5

no entry

pi-dear didn't update his nikki yesterday..
it's been 4 days!
*waiting patiently*

while all of us are waiting patiently for pi's nikki entry..
why not..
i share with all of you this interesting video..
which my sister's friend post it on her blog..

regarding a chimpanzee (Pan-kun) and a bulldog (James):

the both of them are so damn cute and funny!
i couldn't stop laughing from the moment i pressed the 'play' button!

that's is why i love monkey!
especially Orang Utan!
Orang Utan Pictures, Images and Photos

there are plenty more Pan-kun's video in Youtube..
enjoy watching all of it ^^

Friday, September 4

no entry

yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki yesterday..

more info on their illness:

from the article..
it was said that yamapi-dear and ryo-chan's temperature had subsided!!
and they are quarantine for 2 days instead of the original 7 days!!
hopefully, yamapi-dear get to take enough rest for these days..

take care ne,
yamapi-dear! and ryo-chan ^0^

always love and support you
- mrsyamapi
&#23567;&#29066;&#32173;&#23612;-I Love You Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, September 3

no entry

yesterday (09.02.2009),
yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki..
hope nothing goes wrong..

get well soon Pictures, Images and Photos

these 2 days,
i was watching yamapi's old drama - Lunch Queen
lunch queen Pictures, Images and Photos
so far, i watched till episode 4..
so far, so good..
shall post my comments after i finished watching ^^

this month on MioTV..
they're showing Yamada Taro Monogatari
Yamada Taro Monogatari Pictures, Images and Photos
another JE show!

and for those of you who adore Satoshi Tsumabuki..
this saturday, 10pm..
they will be showing 'School Days with a Pig'

yeah! new movie to watch!
hehe ^^

and guess what!
in the movie, the pig's name is P-Chan..
yamapi - buta?!
Nobuta Pictures, Images and Photos
hahas! cute~

Wednesday, September 2

no entry

yamapi didn't update his nikki..

last night, this is how i felt after translating 14 entries at one shot
tired Pictures, Images and Photos
for 7 hours!

after translating the last entry,
my whole body and head were aching like Shit Pictures, Images and Photos
that is why, i decided to translate this entry today..
gomen! x)

i survived from my tests and exams!
VICTORY! Pictures, Images and Photos

right now, i'm super excited to update myself with NEWSのnews ^^

regarding the OMG news, miru mentioned in my tagboard..
i went to search for the news..
here's what i found:
(sorry, i couldn't hyperlink it as blogger failed me)

"the cool Yamashita turned all gushy and red faced," ← this must be yamapi drank, that's why his face are red..
"while Suzuki got all touchy feely."
Disgusted Pictures, Images and Photos
suzuki getting all touchy?!
eww~ she must be touching herself..
and not pi!

cat listening to music Pictures, Images and Photos
*ignoring the potential fact and not listening~*

yamapi, yamapi~
scolding Pictures, Images and Photos
how dare you..
when i'm away for 2 weeks for my revision..
you started attending party privately and get yourself all drank!!!!!!
*tsk tsk*

enough with the joke..
onto more serious stuff..

ryopi was infected by the Influenza type A..
more info: &

oh no!
lightning strikes Pictures, Images and Photos
hope that ryopi is resting well at home right now..
and maybe that's the reason why yamapi didn't update his nikki yesterday (09.01.2009)

oh dear~
please take care ne!
hoping that nothing big will announce, later this week..

they sure are close, best friend, to have caught the illness together..
wonder which idiot pass this illness to them!
maybe they're too tired from hosting 24hr tv, that they're body is weak..
then accidentally caught it from somewhere/someone~

thinking Pictures, Images and Photos

gosh! i had so much to say..

oh! how can i forget!
thanks rienhanikoma, ten-chan, miia and miru
for all of your blessings!
thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much!
*hugs and kisses*

and lastly,