Tuesday, September 8





made everyone worried.

already had recovered smoothly, very energetic now!

today is 「Buzzer Beat~Gakeppuchi no Hero~」 final shooting for the competition scene.

thinking that this will be the last time i will be playing basketball with everyone
felt very lonely.

i want to have the not-giving-up-till-the-last-minute spirit when playing.

of course will not forget to rinse my mouth and wash my hands

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ne, yamapi-dear,
you can call me out to accompany you to play basketball when you feel like it..
(ps: even though i have a mild phobia of people throwing balls towards me..it just freaks me out)

i don't mind being the basketball~

plus, i'll have lots of benefits..
such as..
whenever you hug it..
i'll be in your arms
poo and co Pictures, Images and Photos

and it make complete sense when you twirl it..
because, it matches with the saying - "you make my world go round"

i shall end this crazy talk

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