Tuesday, September 8

Special Fan Mail 9

i'm Yamashita Tomohisa.

made everyone worried about me.

now i'm completely recovered already, having shooting everyday.

then the shoot i'm filming now
will be aired today.
it's episode nine.

in this episode there will still be a few struggling plot.

natsuki and riko

and coach kawasaki is coming back.

as a drama, i feel that it's considerably an episode worth watching ↑

and in this episode, naoki has a
"caught a cold" line

at that time, everyone please tease me by saying "it's you, isn't it".

starting nine tonight, everyone please watch it.

hungry for comments & they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar <===

felt so happy and relieved when i was translating this special mail..

glad to "see"/hear yamapi behaving bubbly and naughtily in his nikki..

our dear-yamapi san is BACK!!

*yeah! jumping around*
mrsyamapi not bored anymore!

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