Saturday, January 10



PM 6:36


it rain after a long time

still i hate winter rain

clear winter day is slightly better
when it rain during winter, there is still this "please pardon me" feeling

tomorrow there's party(in english) and Code Blue SP, really plentiful

tomorrow morning i have to act for this saturday's mezamashi
therefore i have to wake up early Photobucket

work hard in waking up early Photobucket

『コード ブルー-ドクターヘリ 緊急救命-新春SP』 please watch it by hook or by crook!

first Osaka party(in english) please enjoy it too! Photobucket

Friday, January 9





this afternoon my lunch is udon

i've found a delicious method of eating it

by adding ginger and dried plum into a bowl of normal udon

after eating, you will feel your body is super warm

it's perfect to eat during winter

remember when i was young, if there's any symptoms of cold

my grandma will brew a pot of soup, adding dried plums, ginger, dried bonito and onion, for me to drink

recalling this, i tried doing it

super delicious!

everyone try it when you're free

Thursday, January 8





yesterday went to the gym after a long time

in that case how many people might be able to guess what am i going to write next

try giving it a careful thought

U should try (in english)

it really makes one anxious

my muscles are aching so much

this is what i wanted to say Photobucket

Wednesday, January 7



PM 4:45


today, it's a great weather too!

recently i've got this thought of Winter Is Beautiful feeling Photobucket
last time, i totally hate winter
but right now i am really thinking that the air is fresh and clean!

today's the premier for 「Code Blue New Year SP」
it's a work which allows you to think a lot of things!

to be able to relate to this work, i'm feeling very honoured and gloried!

everyone must watch it on 10th January!

Monday, January 5





today's weather is good too

today i have ramen together with my friend

then that guy
crack and rattle ripped the vinyl of the wet tissue apart

why must you do this! Photobucket
i teased him

「my hands have this weird habit. during high school, i can used three erasers within one week」

really it was hilarious!

everyone please do not cut your eraser into little pieces and randomly throwing it at others Photobucket

Sunday, January 4



PM 8:16


today's weather is brilliant!
because it's new year, there ain't any vehicles on Tokyo street!
therefore the air is clean, that's good!

indescribable good mood! smiley heart Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, January 3



PM 7:45


three days performance at Tokyo Dome have successfully ended! Photobucket

looking from Tokyo Dome stage to the view of audiences' penlights, it was really super beautiful

moreover, my first dream for the new year was holding a concert in Tokyo Dome!

to me that scene already will leave a deep impression on me smiley heart Pictures, Images and Photos

this year's resolution will be to learn english diligently~

boku ra ganbatte!


by the way, today is my 20th birthday!!!
*my age from now onwards will start will a 2! damn!*

anyway i don't care~ hehe

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

i had my dinner outside with my family (excluding my sis cause she's too busy earning a living) *haiis~ poor thing~*

the above picture isn't my birthday cake..i have no birthday cake this year..

it isn't because nobody wants to buy for mum did ask me whether i want a cake but i said no (see such an obedient girl..LOL!)

but she bought presents for me instead! she bought a HYD Final DVD, Hana Kimi SP DVD and HYD2 SP DVD..whuahahaha!! in the end the total cost of these 3 DVDs is almost equivalent to a medium size birthday cake (no diff at all..still spent so much of my mum's おかね =P)

here a picture of my prezzies!

however, it would be better if i can have these guys as my birthday prezzie next year

Happy Birthday Limited Edition Pictures, Images and Photos NewS- Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos


alright~ i shall not be greedy..
i'll choose one..



Nose bleeding love. Pictures, Images and Photos bleah Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, January 2




happy new year!

it is me, born in the year of ox Tomohisa Yamashita Photobucket

my first dream of opening a concert at Tokyo Dome, came true

it feels like i was destined to meet this dream

today i also strive with my might

for my future goals

therefore i need to power up (in english), and continue with my dream Photobucket

thank you! (in english)Photobucket