Saturday, March 12

no entry

pi-sama didn't update his nikki.

by now everyone should be aware that Japan had been struck by the massive earthquake and tsunami.
hope everyone in Japan who is being affected by it, overcome it with strength.

and to everyone who is worrying about the Yamashita family's condition,
don't worry as someone saw Rina tweeted in her twitter account that she and her family is safe and sound!!
*god bless*

you know what!
i don't think it's a great timing for pi-sama not to update his nikki at a crucial time like this.
he should at least update his nikki by saying that he is safe and sound.
just a few words, it will ease every fan's worrisome thoughts and feelings.
hopefully, pi-sama update today.


Wednesday, March 9

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

guess what!!
the pv for pi's collaboration with namie (song: unusual) is released!!
please find below for the embedded video :)

Uploaded by icecradle. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

i'm awe by it!!
namie look sooooooooooooooooo pretty.
personally, i like her white top and the top which she wore during the blue backdrop scene ♥

as for pi,
esp. when he wore the entire black outfit and the blue jacket. hehe.

in addition, i particularly like the first scene of them dancing together~♥
however, some thoughts came to my mind while i'm watching the pv.
i think it would be great if they can increase the number of times they touch each other while dancing, by reducing the gap between him and her while dancing.
by doing so, i think it enhances the overall feel and look of the choreography~

what i mean by touch is actually illustrated below in this taeyang's pv ↓
i think this not only will spice things up in the pv, they will look super sexy in the pv too ^-^

anyways, taeyang's 'I Need A Girl' pv:

credit KEV1saurus@YT

i love watching this performance~♥
i wouldn't get tired of watching and listening to it.
love to see taeyang's flirtatious moves in the pv X)
and sandara park (from 2NE1) is so pretty too! ^^

Saturday, March 5

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

BAD NEWS to me!!
*lightning claps*
my mum forbids me to go Thailand, Bangkok!!!
cry Pictures, Images and Photos
she said that she can't be not worried about me going there as i am a girl and that she's afraid that people will take advantage on me.
in addition, my aunt can't stop telling her all the bad things about BKK.

i tried to pacify and convinced her but she INSIST to not let me go~!

i know that she's doing this is all for my own good.
i can't bear to not watch this concert when i know i owned the ticket  x|
my dream of seeing him live will not be coming true so soon.