Tuesday, March 8



it's been some time since i cooked.
green capsicorn with pork.
a very simple dish.

it's really a world full of convenience

after which i made a comparison with the situation i am in now, thought of those people living in the developing countries still leading a tough life
my mood became complicated.

if i'm able to do something for the people living in distress, that'll be great

today, the entire day, i've been thinking of various sorts of questions

and also if i'm able to make everyone who is supporting me happy
in places like concert and such, that'll be great!

i'm energized

hungry for comments and they are love!
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emotional and kind~♥
i don't think anyone can resist such a handsome and considerate guy ♥
maybe after all of his current work,
JE can consider allowing him to do volunteer work in third world country.
this way, he can interact and help them.
even though he might be there for a few days, i bet the experience that he'll gained, will be something which nothing can replace.

in addition,
this way, it might helped to up pi's image by a far bit more??
thus, gaining popularity?!

ah! maybe for this year's 24hr tv,
they can send pi to third world country to help!!

then i don't mind being a volunteer too - not only will i be performing a good cause, i am doing it with my dear yamapi!! ♥

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  1. "ah! maybe for this year's 24hr tv,
    they can send pi to third world country to help!!"

    Great Idea!! ^o^