Saturday, October 31

no entry

yamapi didn't update his nikki last night~

i had translated 24th & 25th Oct entry

click on the date to view it ^^

Happy Halloween! Everyone!

Friday, October 30





even though it's a little sudden
sometimes, unconsciously, will miss out on something.

that is a feeling which i care a lot, no matter what~
just like that, pondering all by myself before falling asleep.

upon thinking, thoughts such as
can participate in lots of different performances, come out with plenty dance movements, write more lyrics and many more surfaced.

have to start operating all the antennas.

all the ideas come here.

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sorry for this late post..
i was v tired last night x)

while i was translating,
i was thinking what is that important thing which he desire so much~?
after reaching the end of the post,
found is just some antenna..

anyway, as you must have known by now (or not..)
yamapi's loveless pv (short ver.) was released, yesterday!!

i love to see yamapi in white!
in 1 of the scene,
he wore a white outfit sitting in a white background~!
and he look so gentle and handsome in that scene
just like a prince charming~

this is the one:


furthermore, i like to see guys in beanie..
in this pv, yamapi wore it!
and i simply adore that sparkling beanie he wore~!

(he look good in a beanie, ne~)

there's this scene whereby yamapi was sitting inside a vehicle, in his black apparel..

when i was watching this scene

this scene pop up in my head!
Jin in 'One Drop' PV

spot any resemblance?

here is the short ver. PV!

credit arenizs from youtube for posting it up ^^

and here's a video coverage on Making of Loveless PV (with eng sub)

credit CherishTegoshi from youtube ^^

"the music video was filmed in New York due to his request."
i remember him mentioning in 1 of nikki entry..
saying he wanted to go NYC for sightseeing and such~

ne~ his dream came true!
*so envy*
i wanted to go Japan, ne~

the cm for NEWS diamond dvd, was released!~
the cm contains a v v short preview on their documentary and each member's solo PVs!!!!
*scream again!*

here it is:

credit z1y9r8e4 from youtube ^^

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date: 10.31.2009
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Thursday, October 29

no entry

yamapi didn't update his nikki last night again..
he must be v busy with his preparation for his upcoming concert..

remember what he said in his earlier nikki entry?!
he said that if he didn't update his nikki on a particular day..
he is working hard on his work..

we shall give him our fullest support
and wait patiently for his update!

to yamapi,
no rush to update, yeah?!
take your time and rest well~~

take care!
mrsyamapi xP

oh yeah! forgot to write!
i've translated the 22nd & 23rd entry..
click on the numbers to read the entries ^^

Wednesday, October 28

no entry

yamapi-san didn't update his nikki last night..
he must be busy with his work again..
it's ok~
we shall wait patiently for his update, ne~

grin Pictures, Images and Photos

anyway, minna-san..
i've translated 2 more entries~
20th and 21st Oct entry 

click on the date to read pi's translated nikki

Tuesday, October 27


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



today there's photoshoot!

although i have not seen toma in a while, still he seems busy!

during the interview, chatted a lot on the topic on our jr. days!

tensions are high!

after that, during the another magazine photoshoot, ate curry pot!

the professional chef made it for me!

i want to help out a little bit too, truly quite delicious!

the soup is tasty, the flavor is delicious.

credit: baidu

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pi and his curry post

pardon for my sudden what-seems-like-a-long-dismissal, the past whole week last week..
it wasn't my plan~

last last sunday, at approximately 3pm,
my internet decided to commit suicide and leave me stranded in a no-internet condition for a week..
and during that period,
i was bored to death and
right now, i am sooooo outdated with NEWS and yamapi's news~

commit suicide Pictures, Images and Photos

for these 7 days worth of nikkis,
i will try to translate and upload it asap!

[EDIT: i've updated the 19th Oct entry..which can be found directly below this post ^^]
John John Pictures, Images and Photos

and by the way~
i've finished watching Buzzer Beat!
damn damn nice!

initially, when pi and keiko was attending shows to promote their drama together..
i don't really fancy her..
in fact, i find her quite irritating..
as she is sitting so close to yamapi when the surrounding doesn't seem crowded or squeezy at all..
but after watching the entire drama..
i found her quite a beauty~

Keiko Pictures, Images and Photos
she is skinny..
seems to have the height..
her hair is long and straight..
her eyes are big and pretty..
and her smile is captivating and influential
*envy x1000!*

right now,
she's my role model!!

Monday, October 26





recently the weather is getting cold!

today, i had pizza with my dance teacher!

after which we had fried chicken, corn soup and salad!

right now, i'm on my way to attend a meeting

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Sunday, October 25


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



recently went to play at the Shibuya's JOHNNY’S FAMILY CLUB.

over there, there's 「seishun AMIGO
nihon GOLD DISCS award, winning medal.

shock me!

never did i know there's this commemorate medal!

everyone please take a look at it when all of you visit the FAMILY CLUB!
after which i recall, i've worked real hard in the year 2005

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Saturday, October 24


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




slowly, the CON songs were decided!

right now, my mind is only thinking about this matter!

somehow i feel that i've become a workaholic everyday!

but a guy can't be not putting in his very best in his job!

thinking is a happy thing to do.

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Friday, October 23





previously watched a very interesting movie

the movie is about swindling one another

the story is about an old man and an another guy

within two hours, these two characters keep deceiving each other

really very interesting!

jude law 最高

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it is said that yamapi must have watched this movie

before he entered this entry..

thus, i checked my library dvd database..
and made an immediate reserve on this dvd!!

Running Fast Pictures, Images and Photos
(i'm fast~ haha..)

i'm thinking of watching it and understand/feel what is it that makes yamapi keep praising about this movie..
after i got my dvd and have watch it..
i shall post my afterthoughts about it, over here ^^

by the way,
recently i keep hearing people (regardless of friends, strangers or celebrities) commenting on jude law's suaveness and/or acting skills..

did he did something or clinch a new movie deal, recently?!

Jude Law Pictures, Images and Photos

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date: 10.29.2009
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Thursday, October 22





today, when i'm taking a stroll outside
saw a mother carrying her baby
returning home after making her purchase
was singing lullaby to her child.

felt very touched!

hoping to once again listen to
the lullaby which grandmother taught me how to sing when i was little.

i've been thinking about it.

although currently there are changes to the music, traditional lyrics are still full of meanings, not bad

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i love this day's entry!
it is so heartwarming and real~

hope yamapi can show more of this side of him in his nikki entries..
i love to see the sentimental side of him..

does this blissful scene urge him in forming his very own happy family?
*er hum*
yamashita-san, your future potential wife is here~

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Wednesday, October 21





today had recording

felt energetic after singing!

very happy!

right now, i'm listening to Yamashita Tatsuro's song.

discovered a nice song

once discover a good song
my emotion will raise!

already very high.

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Tuesday, October 20





today i'm going to appear on 「The Shounen Club」, after a long time

i'll be singing the single 「Loveless」 which is releasing on the 18th of November!

this is the first time i'm singing it in front of everyone
slightly nervous.

just joking
really very excited

recently i've been considering the problem of the song sequence for the concert.

neither this way nor that
on my own i keep thinking and get vexed, keep thinking and get vexed

no matter how hard i think, i can't think of a good solution
therefore, no matter ehat, decided to go ahead and try it!

after trying out, i'll consider again.

now my mind is really filled with all these.

hence decided, right now i'm going to have my bento first then continue to think about it again!

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Sunday, October 18





today, at home, i was fiddling with the computer

watched lots of Michael Jackson's works

time flies with a blink of an eye.

again, i was touched

afterwards, watched a funny variety show after a long time.

having me laughing out loud.

in other words, i was only lol-ing over there.

comedians are really amazing

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thinking Pictures, Images and Photos
seems like yesterday yamapi-sama is taking a break from his current work..

finally, he is having his own free time
in the midst of his solo preparation work..
hope that he can rest more~

"don't overwork yourself yeah~ yamapi-dear"

Saturday, October 17

no entry

yamapi-sama didn't update..
let us wait for tonight's entry~

by the way minna,
currently channel v is having this Japan artists vs. Korea artists poll..
and it is in its third stage..

JE boys participating in this poll doesn't include NEWS though..
however i hope that each and every one of you would participate in it spontaneously
and let JE boys shine!

sunshine Pictures, Images and Photos

KATTUN & ARASHI hwaiting!
Suju-hwaiting Pictures, Images and Photos

anyways, KATTUN is "fighting" with Tohoshinki..
and i tell ya~
Toho is a strong opponent

Chimp shaking head Pictures, Images and Photos

here's the web link for the poll:
Channel V Battle of the Pop ~ Japan vs. Korea

Friday, October 16





yesterday bought a kakkoi painting!

bought it as i fell in love with it at first sight.

without hesitation, i said, "please give me this".

after that felt very happy.

it's been so long i never have felt like this when i'm purchasing things.

should i learn photography and/or drawing~.

thinking of designing something by myself.

alright, decided!

i shall come up with something.

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love at first sight with a painting..
now how i wish i was the painting~

why didn't he took a picture of the kakkoi painting?!
curious how does it look like??
it must be something amazingly perfect
that's why can catch his attention..

did you notice of the weird timing again?!
why is it that these 2 days he keep posting his nikki up in this timing?!

could it be true that he isn't in Jap~?

designing something by yourself??
you can try designing the cover for your single!?
just like what tegomasu did for their concert merchandise..
i don't mind adding it into my collection of NEWS discs..
in fact,
i'll adore it ^^

PS: seeing from your past drawings in Wink Up mags, i don't think your drawings would be as bad as the concert dvd cover~ lol!

Thursday, October 15





unable to update, sorry.

truly very busy.
honestly, there's no time to write.

but, with regards to each work, i will work hard in accomplishing it

everytime everytime, will face it with 1000% of my effort

i want to do all the things which i'm capable of doing

i want to complete each of those things, which allow me to be proud of and be full of confidence and pride of, for everyone to see

after all the trouble of being born into this world
i don't wish to live my entire life in vain
thinking of wanting to leave something behind in this world

therefore, there may be times when i can't update

but that definitely is when yamashita, i, am in the process of trying my best

everyone, please stand by me

but if there's some time, i will write my nikki too

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finally he updated!

grin Pictures, Images and Photos

according to a-chan @ fb..
looking at the time when yamapi wrote this entry and
this was released at yesterday afternoon..
she is suspecting that yamapi isn't in Japan when he sent this nikki entry..

therefore wasn't sure whether this was written on the 13th of Oct or the 14th..
anyway, personally i think it doesn't matter whether when he update..
me already find it good enough that he write and explain to us the reason why he didn't update the last three days..
in fact, he doesn't need to explain to us..
but he did!

hai! yamapi-dear..
don't cha worry~
all of us here will stand by you

*clear throat*
even Timon and Pumba from Lion King too!

after translating this article,
i can really feel that he really is trying his very best in his current work..
therefore, ganbatte ne!

and i am touched that yamapi rather wants to update his nikki
than using that time to rest while in between/after his work

touched Pictures, Images and Photos

you really deserved to be loved and adored by US!

Me to you bear Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, October 14

no entry

guess what..
yamapi-sama didn't update his nikki, yesterday~

guess we will have to wait again..
hope he will update asap..

Tuesday, October 13

no entry

yesterday, yamapi-sama still didn't update his nikki..
we shall wait for tonight's entry!
hope~ he update ^^

but anyways,
last night i came across a juicy cum interesting article..
regarding pi-sama, kagami and abiru =S

here is it!
click on the title below to read the article..
Yamashita with new flame & is Abiru Yuu extremely unhappy?

after reading the article..
i find it all so amusing..
i couldn't stop laughing

but poor pi-chan,
he had to go through this fuss between these two ladies..
and one thing!

the saying is true, afterall!
'Birds of Feather Flock Together'

Monday, October 12

no entry

yamapi-prince didn't update his nikki~

most probably he is too tired from his daily preparation for his upcoming solo concert..
and maybe, he fell asleep while he is typing his nikki..

sleepy Pictures, Images and Photos


Sunday, October 11





today's weather is very subtle

yesterday, chatted on the phone with toma for a long period of time.

although it's kind of disgusting, for two guys to talk on the phone for so long

the amount of things we wanna say, piled up

therefore, it can't be help

today, still listening to music
feeling great.

this photo was taken when we were filming 「ブザー ビート」 in Karuizawa.

credit baidu

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it has been a long time since i last heard yamapi mentioned toma!
yeah to tomapi!
tomapi Pictures, Images and Photos
i love this picture..
both of them look soooooo cute and sweet~

wonder what did they talk about~

the photo which yamapi-dear took..
it's beautiful~
so green and refreshing~
somehow, looks like he took it in a forest..

sorry that last night i didn't update his nikki on time..
i was out with my friends ^^
while during our meet up..
one of my friend, ashlyn, gave this to me!


an epic chibi yamapi uchiwa!
finally! i got a yamapi uchiwa..

even though it isn't an official one..
but still~~~~~ it has yamapi's egao on it!
*happy happy*

then another friend of mine, peirong, who have just came back from Korea..
bought me some things from Korea too..

here's what she bought for me ^^

and love these 2 prezzies!
the socks is so cute~ plus it's pink too..
and the pendant on the necklace is sweet~
just nice.. i wanted this necklace design..

and here's some tib-bits she bought

then yesterday, me and my friends visit several restaurants..and we ate A LOT!but the restaurant which made me happy is Swensen's
because we ordered and ate their sizzling pan - walnut rocky road

it was sooooooo damn nice!
it consist of a chocolate pie with butterscotch topped with chocolate ice cream, marshmallows & walnuts and chocolate chips!
served in a sizzling pan!!
it wasn't too sweet but it was chocolaty~
*swallowing my saliva*

feel like having it again, today..

Saturday, October 10


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today, completed the filming in the studio!

as there are lots of good CD in the studio, therefore used the laptop to listen these beautiful music continuously

music 最高

just by listening to music, my mood will change too.

yesterday, although i danced and stretched my muscles

when i woke up this morning, my muscles were aching!

still painful still painful!

i'm hungry~

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completed his filming in the studio?!
could it be for his loveless PV!!
Excited Pictures, Images and Photos
woo~ i can't wait to see it~~!!
lol! even though his aching muscles were killing him..
he still can't resist the desire to eat..
eat smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

by the way,
a few days ago
yamapi's LOVELESS single and solo concert billboard was seen being put up in Shibuya..
and some kind fans took a picture of it

then now..
the whole picture is up!1sm184bRunHappy Pictures, Images and Photos

all photos credit to watchful21@lj, and her source, mixi, XQ, 2channel, ameblo & ayashi_mikage@njp

if you look closely,

pi is wearing a black-"i don't know what do you call that" ring..
somehow, to me
it adds a sexy element to the entire picture..
i'm not sure why though~

original posting:-
time: PM12:47

Friday, October 9





today please allow me to attend the dance lesson.

i came with my legs and waist sustaining my entire body weight.

after the lesson, felt like stretching my physique so much, with all my might.

following that, immediately went to dance.

today the natto maki that i have, was rather tasty.

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i help you stretch!
i help you stretch!
(saying it like a kid wanting to help her parent)

hopefully, it would not turn out to be like that when you're ready to go to sleep..

the day before yesterday,
i attended a distant cousin's wedding..
wedding Pictures, Images and Photos
and he said something during the speech which makes me feel a tinge of sweetness within my heart and laugh at the same time too..

he said "my money is her (referring to the bride) money and her money is her money"
so sweet and cute of him to say that in front of all his friends and family

wonder what will my future husband say for his thank you speech??

Thursday, October 8


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today, stayed in the recording studio the entire day too, didn't go anywhere.

if there's "any song which you feel like listening to during the concert"
hope you can tell me!

when you're free, please mail me!

my dog posed itself in a weird pose, therefore took a picture of it.

by the way, this collar which my dog is wearing
comes in a pair with the bracelet that i wore in "buzzer beat"

credit baidu

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eto, yamapi-san~
how do we tell ya what songs we feel like listening to during your concerts?!

OO Pictures, Images and Photos
but if i can tell ya..
i would love you to sing 'yubiwa', 'love xxx', 'gomen ne juliet', 'sawarenai' and so much more............

actually any songs would do, dear pi..
because i believe you wouldn't fail in bringing out the special element in each song
and touch each and every one of our heart with your sincere singing and fine dance

yamapi's dog is so cute~~~~
lying down on the floor, and giving its owner this pose..

and they (P chan and Hime chan) are so lucky to have pi and his family as their owner~!
buying them prezzies once in a while..
and this time it comes in a pair with pi's bracelet!!
*super duperly envy*