Friday, October 2


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^



today is the 2200th entry

oh no

had written too much

thanks to everyone who read my nikki everyday!

from today onwards, i must ganbatte according to my own pace!

I can't give up until the very end

this line 最後まであきらめない (I can't give up until the very end)

this line is my top favorite line among all the Naoki's lines!

it's because i will continue to strive hard, everyone must work hard too!

hungry for comments & they are love!
please write it in the cbox located at the sidebar <===

look! a new laughing gif i found on photobucket!

thanks to its creator ^^

and well done, yamapi-dear!
you have set another record for yourself!
2200 entry!
that's a lot~!
ganbatte ne!

to those of you who have not watch this argh-ing video..
watch it!

credit: watchful21@lj & her source -

Argh! Pictures, Images and Photos
argh! x100
she has proven herself to be an irritating pest person for what she don't seem to be like initially..
congrats gal~ 
*hand clapping*

move your mouse over 'watchful21' (located below the video)
for more information (such as newspaper headline for this piece of news) and to see what other fans have to say about that pest

gome ne..
i can't seem to hold this feeling within me even for a second, after i watched it..
please minna, allow me to vent my frustration over here..
otherwise my walls will have new designs "carved" on it..

fiejrewpfojepofekjjefpokdfp;ejfepof fierjfpkmdpfejfl;dsfwe[wldfjewoghlsaf
fepwcneo fheowflceropwd oetewpcnrqo rewpfjwpqpfht etihfoihnfqqp[ jfwofqljeprwh

ok! done!








irritating piece of shit!

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