Thursday, October 1





today, conducted a discussion meeting on the first day of the concert.
letting me to even more raise my enthusiasm.

moreover, completed the lyrics of a song.

finally, written a song.
slightly feeling a sense of achievement.

hungry for comments & they are love!
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hip hip hooray!
yamapi-sama had finally finished his song!
wonder is it included in his upcoming singles? or not?
hopefully, it is..
cause it seems long after hearing his latest self-composed music..
and everytime. i mean EVERYTIME!
his masterpiece didn't fail on me..
yup! ^^

by the way..
pi-sama updated a post for NEWSmile..
click here to read it

and take a look at this!

ta dah!! and *kyaa!*
a handwritten postcard from pi to fans
and he even wrote an English message to us!
i'm happy whenever i see his alphabets..
cause it makes me laugh as it is so kindergarten-ish~
haha! =X
kawaii ne~~~~~~!!

in his message,
he wrote " enjoy themselves in terms of sight and sound effects"

i know! i know!
Pi gif Pictures, Images and Photos
*nosebleeding* haha!
hopefully, a dvd for this concert will be released..
i don't mind seeing the bottom of my piggy bank again..
in exchange for an hour or 2 of pi moment~

click here to read the translated message

photo and both links, credit to a-chan @ fb

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