Saturday, October 10


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




today, completed the filming in the studio!

as there are lots of good CD in the studio, therefore used the laptop to listen these beautiful music continuously

music 最高

just by listening to music, my mood will change too.

yesterday, although i danced and stretched my muscles

when i woke up this morning, my muscles were aching!

still painful still painful!

i'm hungry~

hungry for comments & they are love!
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completed his filming in the studio?!
could it be for his loveless PV!!
Excited Pictures, Images and Photos
woo~ i can't wait to see it~~!!
lol! even though his aching muscles were killing him..
he still can't resist the desire to eat..
eat smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

by the way,
a few days ago
yamapi's LOVELESS single and solo concert billboard was seen being put up in Shibuya..
and some kind fans took a picture of it

then now..
the whole picture is up!1sm184bRunHappy Pictures, Images and Photos

all photos credit to watchful21@lj, and her source, mixi, XQ, 2channel, ameblo & ayashi_mikage@njp

if you look closely,

pi is wearing a black-"i don't know what do you call that" ring..
somehow, to me
it adds a sexy element to the entire picture..
i'm not sure why though~

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