Saturday, February 26

no entry

yamapi didn't update his nikki too.

did everyone of you watch his performance in Mnet Countdown?
if not, here you go~

credit MapOfTheProblatik@YT

i love the energy that the Korean fans are giving during pi's performance on stage~♥♥

i think you can call this a culture shock - the audience in Korea and Japan are totally different.
nevertheless, both countries fans have their charm points :)

Thursday, February 24

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

well, that's expected
because he flew off to Korea yesterday, to promote his Asian tour and solo activities.
visit this website,, to see more photos of pi's arrival in Korea! :)
he looked so kakkoi in that outfit and sunglasses~♥ (and it seem like the lighting in Korea airport is pretty good. every photo taken were acceptable.)

as expected, the situation at the airport wasn't as crazy as what happened in 2008? during his private leisure trip to Korea, as the organizer must have called in more security guards :D

Wednesday, February 23

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki.

right now, can i do a small rant?
i feel like doing a small rant.

Tuesday, February 15


last night,
yamapi-san didn't update his nikki.

here's something to rejoice!
apparently, Ashita no Joe will be shown in 9 countries and Singapore is one of them!
\(^-^)/ *yeah* 

[EDIT] apparently, pi-san did update his nikki last night.
the loading page of the nikki and the format was changed.
all of you can viewed the new loading page under the cut (a link will be placed in there, to lead all of you to the respective page to view the new loading page)

lol @ this being happening for the second time XD


Monday, February 14

no entry

there was no update from pi-san,

February 14th = Valentine's Day.
so how many flowers / boxes of chocolates did all of you receive?!

personally today, i truly feel that it's great to be single
because firstly, you do not have to feel jealous or whatever towards someone who received more gifts than you, when both of you have boyfriend.
and secondly, i don't have to feel troubled for wondering why my boyfriend didn't send flowers to my office (then, to show off to everyone that you have a nice ans sweet boyfriend)

actually, you don't have to have boyfriend / girlfriend in order to spend your valentine's day meaningfully~
instead, you can spend this day together with your family members (which i think will be more meaningful and memorable than with your bf / gf).


Saturday, February 12


pi-san didn't update his nikki. again.

he must be v busy right now promoting his movie.
we shall all be kind and nice to him and not pressure him to update his nikki~
we shall give him the freedom to update it, as and when he likes. hehe.

"pi, we will understand :) and ganbatte with your promotions. we will be watching over you! ^-^"

[EDIT] apparently, yamapi did update his nikki on this date X)
below you'll find his update:



Friday, February 11

no entry

pi-san didn't update his nikki
last night X)

today is the opening show day for [Ashita no Joe]!!
it's been a long wait :)

i do not know whether this movie will be showing in my country?!
hopefully, there's someone clever enough to buy the license of this movie to be shown in Singapore.
*wonder when can i see this movie in my country~*

clever distributor, if any of you see this post,
please bring this movie in!!!! ^-^

Saturday, February 5

Thursday, February 3

no entry

pi-chan didn't update his nikki X)

i would like to say Happy Chinese New Year to all of NEWS/Yamapi's fans!! ^-^
may all of our wishes come true :)