Sunday, January 31

no entry

yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki..

we shall wait for his update today, then

Thursday, January 28

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yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki..

just now, in the evening,
i met up with my dear friend to collect my LOVELESS singles!
happy Pictures, Images and Photos

as soon as i got it..
i took photos of it! :)

here it is:

the LOVELESS LE version singles that i ordered 

its backside

the CD for the version A

the DVD for the version A

the CD for the version B

there's actually difference for the CDs between version A and B~
i thought there wouldn't be any

this shows how much effort staff and pi had put into the production of this single..
not only on the songs and pv..
but on the packaging as well :)

speaking of PV!!
i shall watch the DVD asap~!

Tuesday, January 26

no entry

yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki..

he did update his special fan mail~!

you can find it after this post..
or by clicking HERE

and in the following link, 
you'll get to read cute, lovely and sweet NEWS member ai moment..
thanks to newskattuneito@LJ and her "source", yamapearl@LJ, for posting these up..

it is highly recommended by me, that you should read this..
it will definitely put a smile on your face

Special Fan Mail 2


Saturday, January 23

no entry

yamapi-dear didn't update his nikki~
oh well~
*sigh*ing sasori Pictures, Images and Photos

even though he didn't update his nikki yesterday..
someone had uploaded the video of [VS Arashi] on YouTube!!
DADI Pictures, Images and Photos

go under the cut for the videos

Tuesday, January 5

no entry

yamapi-sama didn't update his nikki, yesterday

but but but!
i have an interesting information that i would like to share!!

yesterday my sister told me that
she saw a captivating message in her friend's friend Facebook..
the message goes something like this,
"i saw yamapi at Tokyo today"

lil wayne Pictures, Images and Photos
after hearing that last night..
my reply to her was, "are you kidding?! OH MY GOSH!"
scream Pictures, Images and Photos

then she said that this friend of her friend still communicate with him!
*double kya~!*
i asked my sister her friend's friend communicate with him in japanese or in english..
then my sister said ENGLISH!
shock Pictures, Images and Photos
personally, i wanna hear pi's sexy, improved english :S

then she said that, that friend even went to ask pi whether he can take a picture together..
but pi replied that he can't do that and said sorry to her~
if i'm not wrong, i read it somewhere that fans can't take photo with their favorite JE boys, unless its for work..
its one of their company policies..

yup! however, do correct me if i'm wrong X)
and sorry for using so many then-s..
as i'm still in the moment of awe, right now..

how i wish i have this luck to meet him on the streets like that!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

wonder if yamapi would wrote this once-in-a-lifetime encounter in his post, tomorrow?!
hmm~ *wondering*

preview of the calendar for this year was out!

credit np-ning@LJ

ahh! yamapi looks so delicious in this outfit..
especially his red "bow-tie" thingy..
*fangirl mode on*

and and and!
this year's calendar comprise of 100 pages!
Image search at
oh my~!
how i wish i got the extra cash to buy it X)

i've been wanting to ask this question to all fellow Singapore yamapi fans..
as all of you know that pi's bestie - Jin, debut movie will be premiering on the 16th of January 2010, in Japan..
i was thinking of organizing a gathering session for all of us (if this movie is to be aired over here)
to meet up and chit-chat/fangirl about yamapi together..
i.e. a chance for all of us to know one another..
and MAYBE the blossoming of a possible friendship, from then on~

on the other hand,
in order for me to really know how many people are interested..
and also for me to plan it properly..
i've created a poll (located in the sidebar →)

hence, please vote!
Praying Angel Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, January 3

no entry

a present from my hubby - no nikki yesterday..
oh well~
he's a busy man, ya know..
Ganbatte Pictures, Images and Photos
ganbatte, my man~♥

as all of you might have known - if you've read 2nd Jan posts..
today is my b'dae!


i would like to dedicated this video to myself :P

credit yuya1614@YT

instead of the pv,
i've chosen this because
somehow the ♥ among the members in this video,
were strongly felt by me, today (not sure why though x.X)
and even though, the pictures in the video were not new..
it's nice and touching?!
yup! i felt it (touched) too ♥
aww~ (~_~)

and also..
i would like to thank everyone who have wished me, Happy Birthday!
thank you, guys
*hugs and kisses*
even though, i never see all of ya face-to-face..
or even close to all of you..
all of you still wish me, Happy Birthday..

Touched Pictures, Images and Photos

PS: i shall post my celebrations tomorrow, as right now i'm rushing to go out..
gomen! X)
plus, i'm planning to decorate my cake with an animated yamapi..
maybe it might not be clear as to what i'm talking about, now..
but, tomorrow i'll post up pictures of it..
then all of you will understand ^^

Friday, January 1