Sunday, January 17




this is something which happened recently.

i inquire, from someone i know, the telephone number of a hospital

and then made the phone call

saying that i want to get a medical treatment

"medical treatment? we don't do treatment! because we are a beauty salon"

it isn't this salon at all.

this is so embarrassing.

yoshi o! ← (the person who provide me the number)
tell me seriously!
that's all!

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this is so hilarious~
and it must be v embarrassing after making this call..

wonder if he mentioned his name, during the inquiry?!
otherwise, the person over the other end of the phone,
must be screaming (maybe not that exaggerate, but over with joy)
right now..

and OMG!
yamapi mentioned his friend's name in his nikki entry, yesterday..
he must be v v v angry with this particular friend
"chill pi~" hehes..

hope that he is feeling okay now..
and that the treatment that he seek for yesterday
was successfully seen..

bless him and everyone!

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