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today, from morning onwards, been filming!

from yesterday's concert
changing quickly to

「CODE BLUE」 shooting.

yesterday, was i really
standing on the stage?

that's what i thought.

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yamapi couldn't believe that the day before, he was standing on his solo concert stage performing for everyone..
and right at that moment, when he was typing this entry, he was busy filming for his drama..
well, this shows that the changes are fast X)

here's something posted by J-Excite on news_jpop@LJ some time ago..
i find it quite interesting and fun to do..
i shall post it here in my blog..

it's something like a 2009 JE recollection
here it goes!

from J-Excite
Best complete single:
  • Yamashita Tomohisa - Loveless
  • NEWS - Koi no ABO

Best complete album:
  • KAT-TUN - Break the Record –by you and for you-
  • Arashi - 5×10 All the Best!1999-2009!

Best single A-side:
  • Yamashita Tomohisa - Loveless
  • Arashi - Believe
  • KAT-TUN - Rescue
  • V6 - Spirit
  • Akanishi Jin - Bandage

Best single B-side:
  • NEWS - Open Your Eyes
  • Tegomass - Hanamuke
  • Yamashita Tomohisa - After the Rain, Moonlight

Best album track:
  • KAT-TUN - Sadistic Love
  • Tegomass - くしゃみ, 雨のち晴れ

Best Concert DVD:
  • NEWS - Live Diamond
  • Arashi - Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo

Best Drama:
  • Code Blue SP
  • Buzzer Beat
  • MR.BRAIN (even though i watched only the first episode X] but i can predict that i will like the show if i sit down and watch it ^^)

Best Decision:
  • Yamapi releasing another solo single after 3 and a half year
  • Jin attending Pi's concert
  • Pi starring in Buzzer Beat - so apart from masapi♥ (masamixyamapi) - yes! i'm an addict to them after watching prodai, i'm accepting piko♥
  • NEWS hosting in 24hr Terebi
  • Aiba having a lead role in 'My Girl'
  • the release of NEWS Live Diamond when everyone was in despair that it is not gonna happen
  • release of tegomass' tanabata matsuri
Worst Decision:
  • JE neglecting NEWS~ :(
  • lack of activities for T&T..wanna see T&T together again!

  • NYC Boys' NYC being stuck in my head for quite some time and i couldn't stop myself from repeating the 'kiss me kiss me kiss me baby' part (yamada's part in the song) whenever i'm watching its pv x]
  • aiba's english! example, "you know japanese idol, arashi?! arashi~ arashi~ for dream~", "you ok, i ok", "danger danger!" LMAO!
  • watchng yamapi performing loveless dance non-stop..simply because the dance rocks! ♥
  • <>

Final thoughts:
overall, i don't think last year was a great year, with so many things happening such as NEWS releasing only 1 single, not much appearance from NEWS as a group, celebrities dying - MJ :(
hopes for next year ~ i hope that NEWS will be more active in 2010 and also if possible, a program featuring all of them, instead of the 4 of them X)

if anyone of you are interested in doing it..
feel free to click on the creator's name (mentioned above) to visit her/his webpage :)

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