Thursday, January 7





osaka concert

extremely happy

i'm really looking forward to tomorrow's show

right now, i'm just about to go and have a meal
with the logistic staff for this time concert

hungry for comments and they are love!
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yamapi osaka concert started yesterday!
best of luck to him ♥

sorry guys that i am unable to reply to all of your comments in my cbox and comment box,
as my school term has just started..
this week apparently..
5 more weeks to be officially out from my school..
it seems short..
however, when you have to go through it..
kill me, please~!
v killing beak Pictures, Images and Photos

ganbatte ne, mrsyamapi!
you can do it!
jia you~! meow~! Pictures, Images and Photos

but, i'll try my best to reply to all of you asap!
therefore, my replies to some of you might be a little~ messy..
especially in the cbox..
as some of you have written multiple message on different days..
(hope all of you get what i meant :])

remember a few days ago,
i posted an entry saying besides hangeng who have filed a lawsuit against their management company..
5 other boys had followed suit too..

this isn't the case..

click on the title below to be directed to an article:
SM Entertainment refutes Super Junior lawsuit claims

evil reporter..
reported something which isn't the truth~
but! ain't majority of the reporters like that?!
they did this because they want more money and gained popularity for their company's newspaper and/or magazine~?!

poor suju~
and that was why i was shocked when they reported that leetuek filed a lawsuit against SM,
when i heard that he adores suju a lot a lot a lot;
he cherishes them (somewhat felt it from the way he acted around other suju members)

coming back to yamapi~♥
buzzer beat dvd was released, yesterday!!

and clips of the behind-the-scene was already uploaded on YouTube..
but but but!
visit this site to reduce your hassle of catching all the clips, uploaded online:
excellent work from the people there! :)

here's one of the clip, found in the LJ..

Yamapi ZZZ

credit yamapi-blue@LJ

yamapi snores!
fangirl Pictures, Images and Photos
when he was "awaken" by the staff-san..
he's so kakkoi~!
love his dorky moment ♥

and if you're interested in purchasing it..
you can do so,
under this link:
Buzzer Beat - Gakeppuchi no Hero DVD Box (DVD) (Japan Version)
FYI: the making of can only be found in the Japan version X)

feel like buying~
but it's ~S$373.46!!!!!!!
sab faint Pictures, Images and Photos
maybe, after i graduated and find a steady job..
then i'll consider purchasing it~♥
as i really really really want to watch the entire 'making of'!!!!!!!
yamapi cho kawaii to kakkoi in it~~♥

and there definitely will have piko moment too!



  1. thank you so much for your hard work! :)
    i love to read these yamapi-posts..
    KAWAIIII~ *_______*
    yamapi is so [hot] cute on that clip!! <3<3

  2. @norbbiz: you're welcome ^^ YARH! i have to agree with you~! plus, he look so "kira kira" = shiny, in that clip..haha! ooh~ at his perfect complexion x) and his eyes can be v big when he deliberately opens it up XD kawaii~♥