Monday, January 18




just now saw a food publication in a magazine.

thinking of eating that too
thinking of eating this too.

if there's no such thing as the feeling of being full, that will be great .

thinking of consuming many types of food simultaneously.

why there is this childlike thought.

regardless of how hard you have worked for the entire day
there's still a limitation on the amount of food we consumed.

therefore, for every meal
must conscientiously eat it.

anyway, right now, must earnestly
eat the soba.

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i must say..
the quote of the day is~!
"if there's no such thing as the feeling of being full, that will be great"
i practically LOL when i read this sentence in the original chinese source

yamapi is the only 25 year old adult that will have this thought in his mind..
when food is the topic..

if any of you (especially piko fans) have not read this omg news yet..
click HERE to read it! ^0^

are they being serious?!
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  1. XD ahahha he's such a kid XD

    I can imagine him stuffing his mouth with chips and icecream "But I wanna the aaaaall!!"

    XD thx as always!

  2. that's just awesome.......
    How can he eat so much and not get fat?! lol))))

    Kitagawa Keiko must cook really great if Pi dates her)))))))) just joking)))

  3. Not sure if the Piko news is true because it's from a Hongkong tabloid (Mingpao). They mentioned Pi and Keiko went to Kobe on a Sat, was it 2nd or 9th Jan? But Yamapi mentioned in his nikki that all he did recently was filming so I gotta see some pics to believe it!

  4. hahaha...pi's food it!!XD
    thank you selina kido~san!^^

  5. Waah ~ Thanks for sharing ^ ^
    This cute ... Ah, I almost said "kid" again. Damn, he's 6 years older than me, I have to say "man". But this "childlike" way of thinking is making me see him as a boy...
    Hm. Well.
    Thank again ^o^

  6. @Umiko: not sure which Saturday it is..i think it's the 9th?! hehes..when i saw pic of it..i shall post it up here :)