Wednesday, January 6




the new year mood should be vanishing gradually

right now wanting to live a life of opening up the state of my work.

today is also the shooting of [CODE BLUE].

the shooting of the operation scene was extremely meticulous, there's something worthy to watch.
the more it is meticulous, the more it is harder to act out
yesterday, after [CODE BLUE] shootings

went for the rehearsal for tomorrow's LIVE.

regardless of whether is it singing, dancing or acting
really no matter which side

it has its charm.

already can't leave either of them.

this year too, please anticipate

this time, among the concert goods, the penlight is red.

when the red penlight
created a world of red
really very beautiful.

please allow me to witness this red world.

it is being sold at the venue.
everyone must buy wor  

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yesterday's entry was v cute~
and sorry for this late update

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