Monday, January 25




today's drama filming
ended early.

after which
i accepted a magazine's photoshoot.

met a photographer who i've not seen for a long while
thus, very excited!

the photoshoot ended in the evening
so, right now, planning to go to gym

undoubtedly ought to feel very tired.
but i'm feeling even more enthusiastic, when i'm in a busy state.

really interesting

hungry for comments and they are love!
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that's really very weird, pi~
don't overwork yourself ne..

here is the scan for Popolo March issue

download rar file in: MF | MU

credit suoncom or 【Jo.In】 and pornvilai@LJ

this time i wanna share this link/scans with everyone because
this time,
all NEWS members are given the chance to do a photoshoot with a kid ^^

then as an imaginative fangirl (saying myself)
i can imagine how yamapi will behave/act around his kid~♥
fangirl moment Pictures, Images and Photos
*fangirl mode on*

if anyone of you wanna reshare these scans..
give proper credit to the original poster..
don't claim it as yours and mine..

respect people's effort and hard work in scanning these :)


  1. aww~the kids are so cute!! thank you!!^^

  2. you're welcome :)
    yUp! and pi's boy looks confused and lost..hahas =X