Monday, January 4




yesterday really had nothing for me to do
therefore went to the gym center

surprisingly there's people there          shocked me.

tomorrow is the preview of 《CODE BLUE》.

because i haven't watched it yet
thus, looking forward to it.

today's lunch i had curry.
recently, i'm starting to like to eat curry again.

during high school period
was eating it everyday.

everyday had a big bowl of curry plus fried potato.

then, after being dismissed from school, there's this yellowish-orangie signboard beef rice restaurant
will still run in and ordered a beef rice.

was it because my tension was HIGH, i ate too much

high school life was really slightly overly HIGH.
really embarrassed.

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why was he shocked when he visited the gym, the night before yesterday?!
did he visit it in the middle of the night
and thus, wasn't expecting anyone to be there?!
that's why he was shocked?!

here's the video of the CODE BLUE preview event that pi mentioned earlier in the post:

Code Blue Preview SUPER NEWS

credit yamapi-blue

he got a different feel in this video,
this time~

in yesterday's entry..
i wrote that i'm planning to decorate my birthday cake..
or something like that, right~?!


well, yesterday,
my friend, my sister and i had overly sang at the karaoke..
meaning, we had overshot the time which we were supposed to leave the place (but! the crew there didn't chase us out too~)
then in the end, the shop which allows me to DIY my cake was closed

birthday without cake..
weird, isn't it?!

anyway, during the karaoke session..
personally, i felt like i wasn't singing at all..
i was screaming and acting crazy throughout the session..
and i've made a shocking discovery!
i don't know how to sing NEWS songs!
however, other JE groups' songs, i do know how to sing though~

and 2 of my best-est friend (according to me)..
bought me an 'agnes b' bag!!!
shock Pictures, Images and Photos
my first ever 'agnes b' bag!!
in fact, my first ever branded bag!! ^^

was really really happy when i saw it
happy bunny Pictures, Images and Photos

here's some pictures i took of it!

the plastic bag used to contain the bag

the black thingy is the wrapping paper wrapping my bag ♥
i was fascinated when i saw it..
it was so nice~
and the bow too..

the bag the bag the bag! ♥

its inside~
polka dotsy ^^

a close up on its logo..
and the zipper thingy

sorry for the poor photo quality..
i don't own a camera..
i'm using my phone's cam X)

really thankful to these 2 besties of mine! - mrsokura and mrsGD
(^3^) + *huggies*

try figuring out who they like~

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