Friday, January 8




first solo concert

fortunately, able to hold concerts both in Tokyo and Osaka and successfully accomplishing it!

even though everything just passed by in a flash
it's a very rich and precious experience yet!

really very happy!

the penlights are very beautiful too
extremely thankful to everyone
turning the hall into a world of red!

really is a fantastic day!!

once again, i'm convince that
i shall work hard in the near future too

hungry for comments and they are love!
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really really hope that,
JE will release a concert DVD for this concert!!
don't mind if it takes months to produce it..
as i'm really desperate to watch it!!
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gave a quick glance to a concert report..
but wasn't sure whether is it on the first or second day

it mentioned that during the moonlight performance..
pi-chan went down to the audience seat area and carried a baby girl onto stage!
fatherly fatherly pi! ♥
i wanna witness that moment~!!
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if any of you are interested in reading these two days reports..
you can do so over here:
[2010.01.06] Osaka Dome - Fan Reports
[2010.01.07] Osaka Dome - Fan Reports

i came upon this to-be-aired taiwanese drama while watching some variety show on tv..
titled '第二回合我愛你' (literally translate: loving you for the second time)

it was known that the concept of this drama was inspired by pi's prodai!

here is an "article" on the drama:
counterfeit prodai

NOTE: the link provided will take you to the google page whereby you can translate this entire chinese "article" to english..
or any of your core language..

here's its trailer:

credit gar0922@YT

the only difference is that..
before the male lead went back in time, he didn't say anything like 'Hallelujah Chance'..
but, if he did..
isn't that obvious that the entire drama is a counterfeit?!

i don't think i'll be watching..
as i can foreseen myself giving negative comments to it while watching
why not, spend this time on something much fulfilling and meaningful..
like translating pi's nikki and reading other magazine translations by other fans ^^

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