Monday, January 11




today, i'm having a rare vacation.

starting from noon, been eating delicious meat continuously!

why does it taste so delicious ね?
the weather is good too.
spend an enriching day.

starting from tomorrow onwards will be filming again, seems to make one looking forward to it too.

hungry for comments and they are love!
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pi is enjoying his break!
glad to hear that they have given him a day off..
thank you, staff-san!

so fast! tomorrow is the premier of Code Blue 2!!
it seems like it wasn't long ago that the announcement for the making of season 2 was made

in celebration for tomorrow's premiering of Code Blue..
i've made my very first animated gif picture!!
CelebrateBanner Pictures, Images and Photos

here it is!
my animated gif~

i've cropped out this cute picture of NEWS from their recent WU article..

(click on the picture to see the actual size of the picture)
hope all of you like it ♥

and feel free to take it..
don't need to credit BUT don't claim that it's yours
angry Pictures, Images and Photos

someone had uploaded and recorded pi's last show for SBS - the entire show!

click on the title below to visit her page:
Short But Sweet Last Show Audio Files
the total duration of the entire concert is 2 hours!
good job to her!
and thank her for her hard work ^-^