Saturday, January 30




good evening!

today, had 「CODE BLUE」 filming too

because there's a lot of quite serious scenes
very difficult to film.

had curry for lunch.

curry is the most delicious.
recently, every time i open my house's closet
something come to my mind.

i hardly had any long sleeve T-shirt.

because i always wear a short sleeve T and with a jacket
hardly any long sleeve.

it's time i need to buy some long sleeve T-shirt.

so cold.

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another curry post!
he do love his curry~♥

i was shocked that he doesn't own a long sleeve T!!
i thought he's a clothes fanatic as he owns a room of clothes
(if all of you can recall him drawing a layout of his bedroom in one of the episode of Hanamaru Cafe)

and i'm sorry for this late update..
yesterday, i went to attend the FT Island fan sign and meet session at IMM!!

before the start of the event

finally! i saw hongki in real life!
he look so cute~
but apparently, he was sick yesterday

he wore a face mask during the signing session..
before that, he didn't..
so considerate to his fans ♥

and love his blonde hair~!

there's a couple of photos that i took with my pathetic handphone..
therefore, do not hope for clear and up-close picture

after they have signed on all the fan's album

the guy on the far right is hong ki..
the black thing on his mouth, is his face mask..
nice face mask~
with gold design..

them turning to my side to let us take a group photo of them

time to say goodbye~

more photos of them can be found in my facebook account..
later in the day, weeks or months..
after my friend have uploaded and tagged me

and here are photos of what i ate after attending this session

before the arrival of my food

love the fish-design thingy which is going to be placed below my pan of food..

my food my food!

i've ordered the New York Fish & Chips..
whereby it had cheese stuffing~!
*licking my lip*
it was really really really delicious..
i think i'm hook to it ♥
i feel like eating it again!!

now, i know how yamapi felt for his curry



  1. How lucky you are, you saw Hong Ki =)
    I would like to meet Jong Hun, he's so handsome ...

    Yes, Yamapi really loves curry ! But I can totally understand, it's so yummy !

  2. Mrs. Yamapi..~~ wee.. Tomo-chii here.. waai. i so love your fancam of Lee Hong Ki.. wee.. i love the boy too.. naa. love Pi better.. wee.. ahahahaha. and gosh gosh gosh. Curry nee. .I so love curry. i eat curry. i <3 curry. wee.. curry!!~~ hehe.

  3. @Anonymous: yup! i can consider myself quite lucky :) by the way, are you a singaporean? hehe..

    @Tomo-chii: lol! same here! nobody can replace pi no.1 position in my heart..hehes..