Tuesday, January 12




today, since morning
been promoting the drama non-stop.

after that went for photo shoot.

because the content of the interview are mostly in relation to current development,

but because, recently been doing nothing but filming,
nothing special, is causing quite a perplex to one.

in a while, it's the airing of the 1st episode of 「cold blue」 season two.

up until today, the filming progress went by in a blink of an eye.

i'm thinking of overcoming this cold winter with 「cold blue」. !!

hungry for comments and they are love!
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but sure to remember to read the translated version of
Special Fan Mail 1 ~ Code Blue 2!!


  1. thank youu~
    yamapi is so lovely! ^^
    you're making hard work and i'm so happy that you're sharing these with us!
    btw, Eternal is playing on your page at the moment and i just love that song, so special thanks for that ;3;

  2. @norbbiz: you're welcome..it's my pleasure to translate and share with all of you :) and thank you for posting your comments over here too! hehes..

    me too! i love that song!! especially, one of jin's parts where he can't reach the note (if you have any impression?!) yUp! even though it wasn't done perfectly.. it was perfect - at that moment of the song.. hahas..

    it sounded sad - like it was coming from a guy who is so in love with the bride~ <3

    *aww~* (my fangirl daydream mode is on again~ :D)