Friday, July 31





today there's the dance lesson which i haven't been attending for three weeks, therefore i'm super duper excited.

can't wait

really feel like reaching there early

today's dinner i had somen*

it had a very summer feeling to it

not to mention somen is very delicious!

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*for more info about somen
copy & paste this link:ōmen
blogger is giving me problem again..
not allowing me to add this link and color-code my words~

dancing! yeah!
i like to see yamapi dance!
he got this charisma whenever he's on stage dancing
just like this performance~

my all-time favourite performance of his
so erotically handsome~
he seems to be enjoying his performance of this song in SC..

and this

so cute~
so young yet already now how to flirt with his fans

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date: 08.01.2009
time: PM3:14

Thursday, July 30





today i've eaten my favourite Okinawa soba!

very very delicious~

although it's still not the time for dinner
couldn't resist any longer, i ate it

recently, i've changed my handphone language setting to english.

i can also learn a lot by doing so~

credit baidu

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yeah! blogger's layout and settings has return back to normal~!
i can post up better dimension and color-code my words!!
*happy happy!* ^^

anyway, this is such a coincidence~!
or should i say a mere coincidence ^^

yesterday afternoon, i changed the language settings of one of my gadgets which isn't my handphone unfortunately, but my ipod..
from english to japanese!!
gosh..! freaky~
Scared Pictures, Images and Photos

yesterday evening, i watched Dr. Dolittle 3..
erm..well, overall i think this movie is..........
it's a typical children movie, i should say
x) hehe
(how dare i say such a thing when my behaviour and thinking is so childish sometimes)

nonetheless, the animals featured in the movie are so cute!
but a bit talkative though..hehe..
personally, i don't really like watching movie with animals talking..
somehow, i find it................


Wednesday, July 29





today is a very happy day too!

just that the weather is too hot!

have you watched last night's (ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~)?


ah, this is my thoughts and feelings

i'm very concern with the last scene between her and yoyogi.

so what exactly happened after that
you, this fella

ah! thinking of some weird stuff?
so perverted!

that's the case, all my fans are perverted!

no other choice!

in order to responds to all of you, really is because of my responds back to all of you, i shall become a pervert too.

erotically handsome.
is perverted handsome.
what do you think of this?

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can't believe these words are coming out from pi's mouth!
it seems like he never speak in such a manner before~
i wasn't disgusted by it though, i was laughing throughout the translating process..
somehow, personally i think, this has shown the other side of yamapi-dear, the naughty side~
and i LOOOOOOOOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hug Pictures, Images and Photos
i like the way he teased his beloved fans, in this post Heart Beat Pictures, Images and Photos
shy gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, July 28


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




the sea~!!

going to swim!!

today i'm here to look at the sea

becoming super energetic ↑↑

yesterday, i was watching foreign artists' DVD non-stop, again
i didn't stop watching even though it's morning

it's alright to have insufficient amount of sleep!

the time used for sleeping will be of a waste

it's hard to say but that amount of time might be useful in accomplishing something

credit hope-rei @ lj & her source, Ariel ^^

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omg! pi had the same thinking as i am!
i also think that the time used for sleeping, can be used to accomplish some other things like:-

  • surfing the net

  • watching some random programmes on tv!

well, basically that's my everyday nightlife~
i just don't really feel like sleeping..
even though i'm aware that i need to wake up damn early tomorrow..hehes..

here's a little poll i would love all of you to take part in..
if you like to leave your opinion(s) on the following poll question..
feel free to post it in the tagboard..
anticipated and glad to read it ^^

would you/have you ever play minesweeper & tic-tac-toe with your bf/gf/anata??

View Results
Create a Blog Poll

arigatou to all who took the initiative and effort to vote!
effort much appreciated
hugs &amp; kisses Pictures, Images and Photos

Special Fan Mail 3

[[Special Fan Mail 3]]

words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^

hi everyone i'm Yamashita Tomohisa.

people watching 「ブザー ビート~崖っぷちのヒーロー~」 today~~?



the story plot for episode 3 is going to be developed rather good, going to be interesting.

naoki's "ki" is being written as shining brightly that ki. (ie. 直輝's 輝 = shining brightly when written in kanji)

thinking of staying in this shining brightly state forever!!

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Monday, July 27





yesterday i had a meal together with the basketball team mates

ate a lot of meat!

no, it's consuming too much of it

today it's all about the filming too

ah, someone's calling me

off to play basketball!

today's view!

credit baidu

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first on the roll, on the things that's happening around me..

last thursday, i couldn't believe what i saw and did at my school's library..
while i was on my break in between lessons, as usual, i went to my school's library media section to search for DVDs which may interest me..
this movie title caught my attention!

DR. DOLITTLE 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but firstly, do all of you still remember what yamapi said in a recent interview asking him what movie DVD did he watch recently??
yup! he answered 'dr. dolittle 3'!!!
and he even stated his reason for watching - it uses simple english which can help him in his english learning process..

and so~ the wacky mrsyamapi me..
immediately grabbed the dvd off the shelf and borrowed it! LOL!
but! i have not seen it yet x) hehe..
i shall post my after thoughts, after i watch it ^^

soon~ soon~ soon~! 

Sunday, July 26





today's sky is very blue.

it's a weather which will provide one with good mood!

i'm so easily influence by the condition of the weather!

today i am a person who is super full of energy and freshness ☆

overall i felt that it's unbelievable!
truly felt that i'm living on this earth!

thinking of ending today's post with an emoticon of an earth, could it be that i'm the only one doing this?

try finding the emoticon of the earth

credit fb

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Saturday, July 25

vol.2139 - 2144

for this past almost 1 whole week..
i wasn't able to update pi's nikki..
due to some technical problem with blogger's posting site:

so i was left with no choice but to wait for it to recover..
but then this late morning..
something "bang" into my head..
"why not i go setup a site and use it as a temporary site for my pi's nikki??"
and so..
i went to register myself as a member on sanriotown lol!
fyi: besides yamapi, i adore hk too!
^^ hehe

hence, since this late morning,
i've been updating past 6 days pi's nikki..
over here

after that, i had a strong urge urging me to check using IE..
then i realised that there's nothing wrong with..
"hewoifjfheoijdpjW'" <-- this is what i'm thinking and feeling right now.. *argh~!* anyway, i don't intend to import whatever i've typed in my temp blog @ sanriotown.. hehe..
my mind is tired~~ tired Pictures, Images and Photos

and i have so much things i want to share and rant about with everyone..
but i think i shall not dump everything in 1 post..
otherwise, it's too much..
i shall spread it out..
starting from tomorrow! ^^ matta ne!
Winked Winked Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, July 19





yesterday, after a long while, i'd telephoned Yamazaki Tsutomu senpai.

i had an unbelievable feeling of a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

when will i have the chance for us to act together, that will be great

today, i will also work hard on the filming~!

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so sweet of him to call his senpai~
no wonder yamazaki-san adores him so much!
he truly deserves it!

Saturday, July 18





such a beautiful venue for outdoor shooting.

there's even fish swimming in it!

today's shooting location is over here

it's true that it feels so much better to be shooting outdoor than in studio!

today, the whole day, i was feeling hungry.

recently, all my topics are regarding curry.

it's been said that summer's vegetable curry taste very delicious!

credit a-chan from fb

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date: 07.18.2009
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Friday, July 17





hi everyone, i'm overly-sunburnt man!

yesterday and the day before, we had filming at the beach, i was overly-tanned till my skin is pricking now.

this morning while showering, it was so painful.

it in touch with hot water, was really quite painful.

even though i applied sunblock lotion, it was of no use.

today, i'm planning to shower with cold water!

credit baidu

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silly yamapi!
how can you bath in hot water when you're suffering from bad sunburnt now!
he must have been too tired to think properly and!
thank goodness..
NEWS shot Koi no ABO pv before yamapi shot this scene..
otherwise, he will look like 1 of these afro men in the pv..

joking joking~

enough with the joking..
*still giggling*

i'm lacking of discipline to update pi's translated nikki..
cannot "ah~ forget it!"
i must fix this problem asap!
but how?!?

here's something which will feast all of our eyes..
maybe you have seen it..
but i don't think you'll mind seeing it again.. 

from TV Guide Magazine

from Weekly Television Magazine
screaming gif. Pictures, Images and Photos

yamapi's c-cup moobs is so obvious and big!
uh-hmm *clearing throat* a-cup here..

and here's a v. handsome picture of him!

i have a thing for guys wearing blouse..
somemore it's yamapi who is wearing it, in this picture..
a plus point!
kakkoi! XD

Thursday, July 16




today the shooting location is at the beach too!


it's great to have the summer feeling.

i'm fond of saying "ah~ forget it!".

once there's something troubling me
immediately, "ah~ just forget it. sooner or later it will be solved!"

everyone try it too

that's all.

credit baidu

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date: 07.17.2009
time: PM6:32

Wednesday, July 15




today, the shooting location was at the beach!

the weather was really very hot

together with junpei, we played frisbee~
really very happy!

it seems like i'm about to immerse myself in frisbee~

ahh~ i'm hungry!
today i have a "i want to eat curry" feeling

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*acting all-so-obsessively*
oops! =X sorry~

by the way,
the results for CDTV "Male Artist I Want As my Lover" ranking are out!
here it is:


9. KAMIJI YUUSUKE (sugi-sensei in scrap teacher & the binbou in celeb to binbou taro)
8. HYDE (L'Arc-en-Ciel)
!!!!! what! he's no.4!!!!!!
3. JAEJOONG (東方神起) !!!!!! jaejoong win yamapi!!!!! omg~! (no personal attack..just my 1st reaction when i saw this ranking..)  
just as expected! hahas..

Tuesday, July 14


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




i'm gakeppuchi no hero!

have everyone watched 『BUZZER BEAT~Gakeppuchi no Hero~』?
if you have watched it, i'll be very happy.

today, since early this morning, i've been promoting from 『mezamashi TV』 to 『笑っていいとも!』!

katori shingo even wore a shirt with BUZZER BEAT print on, while hosting the programme.
thank you!

i just watched this afternoon's pre-recorded programme.

truly thanking all those people who came to yoyogi stadium!
having all of you wait for so long, under the unbearable heat.

thanks to everyone's help in assisting this tedious shoot, since morning.

from tomorrow onwards, again, i'll be anticipating for the shoot.
therefore, i'll have to work hard, work hard to produce a work which gives those people watching some energy!

erm. good night.

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i have a question~!
pi-dear posted this nikki entry at PM6:13..
but! Buzzer Beat was showing in japan at PM9:00..
so those people who have replied 'yes' to his question..
must be lying~~~

so did anyone of you watch it yet?!?
personally, i only watched the first 3 minutes of the drama..
past few days, in my blog, i kept blogging about it premiering soon..
but i didn't finish watching it!!!!
i'm being so contradicting here~


well, reason being, i wish to reserve my first time viewing this drama with a better quality video =) 
ie. i'm waiting for the local media store to import the drama dvd in (^^) which means i have to wait for a couple more months, after the drama's finale, for the non-official dvd to be released..
haiis~ *"patiently" waiting*

so, for those of you who don't mind watching raw clips of the drama..
you can visit this website:
and if i'm not wrong,
i think a few days later,
an english sub version will be uploaded soon, in that website~!

Monday, July 13


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^





potato with meat.
white rice.
fried chicken.

therefore, under the force of the potato with meat, fried chicken, white rice and salmon,
today, i'm still working hard.
this is something inevitable.

but still i'm grateful.
once again, i feel that i should properly say my
"itadakimasu" and "gochisosamadeshita"!

tomorrow, from morning onwards, i'll be on programs similiar to MEZAMASHI TV
if you're free, please watch it!

credit to baidu

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this morning i'm in school!!
didn't watch it, dear!
gomen ne!

in my yesterday's blog entry,
i forgot to put the most important photo..
and that is the.................

BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!! Forehead Slap Pictures, Images and Photos
it's an awfully chocolate chocolate cake!!
the fudge is sooooo rich~ but not soooo sweet at all!
hehe x)

last night,
i watched BRING IT ON: IN IT TO WIN IT dvd
Bring It On - In It To Win It Pictures, Images and Photos

i don't find it nice~
as compared to the previous three~
this time, i realised that they focused too much on the cheers..
i know this movie's theme is about cheerleading..
but, every single minute of the movie,
i'll be hearing cheers lines, here, there, everywhere!
no matter whether it's super short or long..
i think it's a little bit too much~?!?

and those actresses acted in this movie..
i feel that they have overly exaggerated the bitchy part..
from the way they talk (which don't seem natural at all as compared to Sharpay in HSM..i think she's better) to the way their gestures moved..



i still prefer Ashley Tisdale..
she's more natural..

today is the premier for Buzzer Beat!!!
Naoki!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^-^)/

oh yeah! before i forgot!
follow this link:
yamapi-blue @ LJ
and you'll get to watch all the promotion videos, programs which BB team been on to