Saturday, July 25

vol.2139 - 2144

for this past almost 1 whole week..
i wasn't able to update pi's nikki..
due to some technical problem with blogger's posting site:

so i was left with no choice but to wait for it to recover..
but then this late morning..
something "bang" into my head..
"why not i go setup a site and use it as a temporary site for my pi's nikki??"
and so..
i went to register myself as a member on sanriotown lol!
fyi: besides yamapi, i adore hk too!
^^ hehe

hence, since this late morning,
i've been updating past 6 days pi's nikki..
over here

after that, i had a strong urge urging me to check using IE..
then i realised that there's nothing wrong with..
"hewoifjfheoijdpjW'" <-- this is what i'm thinking and feeling right now.. *argh~!* anyway, i don't intend to import whatever i've typed in my temp blog @ sanriotown.. hehe..
my mind is tired~~ tired Pictures, Images and Photos

and i have so much things i want to share and rant about with everyone..
but i think i shall not dump everything in 1 post..
otherwise, it's too much..
i shall spread it out..
starting from tomorrow! ^^ matta ne!
Winked Winked Pictures, Images and Photos

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