Wednesday, July 1





today i shot a bath scene.

ah~feeling dizzy from it.

heard that this time the atmosphere at the shooting location was very high!

all the crew members were energized
actors and actresses too.

therefore the atmosphere at the shooting location was the best!

tomorrow i'll be filming with the basketball team!

hideaki kun and nagai kun are really something

really brilliant!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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of course the atmosphere at the shooting location will be high!
cause they can get to see pi, half naked! whuahahahaha *drooling~*
more of this scene in this drama will definitely spice up the entire drama's quality..

here's something i want to blog about since last Saturday (but don't have the time to)
while i was on the streets last Saturday..
i saw this poster on the pillars, by the Cathay Cineleisure entrance!

Akai Ito Pictures, Images and Photos
it's Akai Ito the movie!

oh gosh!
i always wanted to watch this show's drama..
now, it's in movie format! ^^ 
currently, it's showing in cinemas (but i think only at Cathay Cineleisure)
gotta watch it~! ^^

here's the movie trailer i'd found on youtube:

ahh! mizobata junpei is handsome~
Mizobata Junpei Pictures, Images and Photos
by the way, he's acting in Buzzer Beat too!
lucky! =)

while reading its synopsis off a DVD..
i was struck by a sentence written as a "slogan" for this drama..
it goes something like this:

"the red string of fate" myth states that the gods tie an invisible string around the ankles of men and women who are destined to be soul mates and will one day meet and marry each other

what an inspiring quote~
i like it!
what about all of you?

hmm..i wonder who and how will my future boyfriend, husband look like?
yamapi's evil laugh Pictures, Images and Photos

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