Tuesday, July 28


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




the sea~!!

going to swim!!

today i'm here to look at the sea

becoming super energetic ↑↑

yesterday, i was watching foreign artists' DVD non-stop, again
i didn't stop watching even though it's morning

it's alright to have insufficient amount of sleep!

the time used for sleeping will be of a waste

it's hard to say but that amount of time might be useful in accomplishing something

credit hope-rei @ lj & her source, Ariel ^^

hungry for comments & they are love!
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omg! pi had the same thinking as i am!
i also think that the time used for sleeping, can be used to accomplish some other things like:-

  • surfing the net

  • watching some random programmes on tv!

well, basically that's my everyday nightlife~
i just don't really feel like sleeping..
even though i'm aware that i need to wake up damn early tomorrow..hehes..

here's a little poll i would love all of you to take part in..
if you like to leave your opinion(s) on the following poll question..
feel free to post it in the tagboard..
anticipated and glad to read it ^^

would you/have you ever play minesweeper & tic-tac-toe with your bf/gf/anata??

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arigatou to all who took the initiative and effort to vote!
effort much appreciated
hugs &amp; kisses Pictures, Images and Photos

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