Friday, July 10


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^




so sorry that i didn't manage to update my nikki yesterday. Cry Pictures, Images and Photos

today is 『BUZZER BEAT~Gakeppuchi no Hero~』's first screening press conference.

かんせいひろうししゃかい。 (kan sei hiroshi sha kai )
(*take note: two ways of writing the title for this press conference..1st in hiragana while the 2nd one is in katakana)

it feels like a tongue twister.

but no matter what, it doesn't matter

i read FAN letters today.

it makes me feel so good that i'm all excited.
thanks to fans who sent me the letters!

by the way, in today's mail world
being able to send out letters is really a very good thing!
to write essay using one's hand,
and maybe because it uses one's hand to write, that's why the word letter (in jap: 手紙; tegami), the word hand is in it

ah? feel like i've just said something very good

maa, never mind!

see you again tomorrow

hungry for comments & they are love!
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here's a news report on this Buzzer Beat first screening press conference:

yamapi was super happy and bubbly yesterday..
maybe that explains why his nikki for yesterday was a bit off??

by the way..
is he trying to hint us on his new weider-in jelly CM??
subconsciously but intentionally promoting weider-in jelly drinks..
what a professional ambassador x)

iya~ personally i think the CM has a calming effect on me x)
feel so refresh and energetic now!
energetic.gif Pictures, Images and Photos

and read this super cute magazine interview from Nikkei Entertainment
(credit to yamapi-blue @ LJ)

Question: What made you happy recently?
Answer: Foreign fans said to me, "You're a SUPERSTAR!"
Question: Name a recent movie you saw?
Answer: Doctor Doolittle 3. It has relatively simple English. I can learn English while watching.
Question: Where do you want to travel to?
Answer: New York

and yamapi-dear even mentioned Justin Timberlake's "Dead and Gone" as one of the recent songs/videos he's been watching..

mib Pictures, Images and Photos

Dr. Dolittle 3
Movie: Dr Dolittle 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

i couldn't stop laughing while i was reading this translated article..
imagine..a 24 year old guy, sitting on his comfy sofa, watching some kiddie movie
yamapi-dear is soooooooooooooooo cute Pictures, Images and Photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh gosh~

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