Monday, July 13


words in purple
are words which YAMAPI-dear typed in english ^^





potato with meat.
white rice.
fried chicken.

therefore, under the force of the potato with meat, fried chicken, white rice and salmon,
today, i'm still working hard.
this is something inevitable.

but still i'm grateful.
once again, i feel that i should properly say my
"itadakimasu" and "gochisosamadeshita"!

tomorrow, from morning onwards, i'll be on programs similiar to MEZAMASHI TV
if you're free, please watch it!

credit to baidu

hungry for comments & they are love!
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this morning i'm in school!!
didn't watch it, dear!
gomen ne!

in my yesterday's blog entry,
i forgot to put the most important photo..
and that is the.................

BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!! Forehead Slap Pictures, Images and Photos
it's an awfully chocolate chocolate cake!!
the fudge is sooooo rich~ but not soooo sweet at all!
hehe x)

last night,
i watched BRING IT ON: IN IT TO WIN IT dvd
Bring It On - In It To Win It Pictures, Images and Photos

i don't find it nice~
as compared to the previous three~
this time, i realised that they focused too much on the cheers..
i know this movie's theme is about cheerleading..
but, every single minute of the movie,
i'll be hearing cheers lines, here, there, everywhere!
no matter whether it's super short or long..
i think it's a little bit too much~?!?

and those actresses acted in this movie..
i feel that they have overly exaggerated the bitchy part..
from the way they talk (which don't seem natural at all as compared to Sharpay in HSM..i think she's better) to the way their gestures moved..



i still prefer Ashley Tisdale..
she's more natural..

today is the premier for Buzzer Beat!!!
Naoki!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^-^)/

oh yeah! before i forgot!
follow this link:
yamapi-blue @ LJ
and you'll get to watch all the promotion videos, programs which BB team been on to

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