Sunday, July 12





there's free time in between shootings today!

thus, went to buy most probably the first painting in my entire life.

of course it's just an oil based painting!

for me, recently i seems to be showing interest towards all kinds of matters.

no matter how i said it, it's a good thing right!

really feel like understanding a lot of things!

feel like pouring in lots of knowledge into myself, then to start implying them.
so as to provide everyone a better stage performance and acting skill.

i'm a proactive self-upgrading person!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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yesterday was Kato Shigeaki's 22nd birthday!
Shige Pictures, Images and Photos

me and a group of fangirls
(remember the group of fangirls who i hang out with during Koyama's birthday?!? yup! it's them!)
yesterday, all of us went to Sentosa to celebrate shige's and massu's birthday..
we reached there via the monorail..
and that was the first time, i took the monorail..
nothing special!

so after we reached,
we settled ourselves in one of the pavilions..
and we were greeted with this beautiful scene! (hmm..maybe it isn't that beautiful~ but because it has been a long time since i step my foot on a beach that's why i felt this way xP)

this is a view of the beach from where we are sitting

after that, we started laying out all the food that we brought..
i'll tell you..
it really is A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!

there were bee hoon, kway teow, egg sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, onigiri, fried potato, potato chips and a couple of soft drinks!!!!!
and it was for 7 people!

before we started off anything..
we ate some bee hoon and kway teow..
then we made our message boards for the two birthday boys..

in the process of making it


and this is the outcome of my masterpieces

a close-up!:-



i drew him wearing yukata..
ok Pictures, Images and Photostanabata matsuri ga chikazuku yoru yook Pictures, Images and Photos
alright i shall stop singing~

throughout the day..
we just sit, chat, eat and play uno!
had so much fun playing heart attack!
we were practically screaming and laughing off our heads while playing..

"i'm sorry aishah that i had to keep asking for red cards, while playing UNO.
i don't have any other color cards besides that..
and yamapi's represented color is RED..
this is fated~

i had a splendid and enjoyous time yesterday..
thanks to all the girls who have contributed to this..
can't wait for the next gathering~!

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by the way..
1 more day to Buzzer Beat Premier!

at Hinode Station, Tokyo
photo to kiwoui @ lj

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