Sunday, July 5





in the midst of my obsession with basketball.

but i like playing basketball very much!

i like playing basketball match the most.

just by having a ball, i can play alone.

feels like i can survive by my own.

en. in fact that's impossible.

today's shooting was a scene of teaching elementary students how to play basketball.

so, actually elementary students are that small in size

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sorry for the late posting again..
i was out with my sister yesterday x)

ahh! yamapi with little kids!
i love when yamapi is working with little kids..
( that i can imagine how he'll behave and treat his future child/children)
wonder which episode will this scene appear~~~?!?

by the way,
as all of you know..
yesterday was Akanishi Jin's and Takahisa Masuda's birthday!!!!

Akanishi Jin Pictures, Images and Photos
happy 25th birthday, bakanishi jin =P

Massu Pictures, Images and Photos
happy 23rd birthday, masuda takahits! ^^

is there any news report on akanishi troop celebrating his birthday yesterday?!?
so that i can have a look on how yamapi dressed privately..

the full version of Tegomass's 'Tanabata Matsuri' PV is out!!
and here it is:

i love all the yellow stars~!
and don't you think
massu had a gentle aura surrounding him thoughout the pv??

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