Monday, July 6





today, there's shooting too.

during lunch, i had tekka donburi!

it's great to have everyone gathering together to have meal noisily.

that's all for today's important topic
and then, hannya's kanada kun is super duper funny

yamapi took a pic of his takka donburi that day..
credit to baidu

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he didn't wish or mention anything about Bakanishi Jin's birthday!
or did he forget?!?!
sometimes i'll encounter such thing when i'm translating pi's nikki..
i remembered i have something to blog about to share it with minna-san..
but when the compose page of the blog pops up..
i totally forgot what is it!! LOL!
guess~ i'm old~! =D

i discovered something!
last sat, me and my sis went to kinokuniya..
we were browsing through all the jap magazines..
then we stumbled upon this magazine with its back cover advertising Hana Kimi SP DVD..

while i was observing all the guys, one-by-one, from the advert..
something caught my eye!

Mizobata Junpei was part of the actor crew!!!

so to double confirm myself..
i went home to search on his profile..

Image Hosted by

hontoni! he really did appear in Hana Kimi!!!
he was one of the boys in dorm 2..
maybe i saw him..
but i didn't know he is him..
this "world" is just so small~

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