Tuesday, July 7




today too, the entire day i've been filming!

from now onwards i'll be attending スーパードラマフェスティバル! (super drama festival)



no matter what, i shall allow my never-to-give-up soul to break out!

hungry for comments & they are love!
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last night,
i managed to catch a glimpse of buzzer beat team playing in Super Drama Festival..
and i saw YAMAPI-DEAR!

for those interested in watching the mentioned program..
follow this link
it will lead you to where you can download the program..
thanks to the amazing yamapi-blue team @ LJ! =)

in addition..
the 5th CM for buzzer beat is out!

there's no sign of yamapi in it =(
but you get to see/an up close on
those cheerleaders' super slim waist!

counting down..
6 more days to buzzer beat premier!

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