Thursday, April 30





ah~ something excites me again。

witnessed a awesome dance and listened to a cool music。

my legs and arms are urging me to dance。

my adrenaline is overflowing。

looks like today i'm unable to fall asleep again

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sorry for this late posting >.<
the time now is 1:54am
but again, i will clock my entry as 11:59pm xP

Wednesday, April 29





today's weather is brilliant too!

so during the day, i was leisurely roaming around non-stop!

then i went to watch a film!

i had goosebumps

apparently after the show ended
no one stood up!

when can i have my acting skill polish to this standard

so that i can portray the similar touching feeling that I had today。

it's an ambitious and distant goal。

however it will come true

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yamapi watching movie all alone?!?
oh my~
but sometimes i do have this urge of wanting to watch a movie alone..
not sure why though~

today 'No Reservation' was shown during 1 of my tutorial class..
before the show starts, my lecturer was telling us that this movie had received negative comments..
saying it focused too much on food instead of love..

but after finishing it..
my thoughts for it weren't like this..
instead i find its elements were evenly spread out~
and i like it!
and Catherine Zeta Jones is a real beauty~
z jones Pictures, Images and Photos
'i like the way she speaks'

Tuesday, April 28





today's weather is great ne


then today i have a meeting。

what's happening why am i feeling so happy when i'm having a meeting。

oh no。

i'm acting like a workaholic。

it's alright

a guy has to work

now i'm going to have curry

by looking at it, it seems very~ delicious ne (^O^)

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Monday, April 27





yesterday i was invited to watch Enbujyo stageplay。

world peace was emphasized in the stageplay
again i can feel that the Japanese history is amazing。

changing the topic
i bought something today!

i bought a mike and a headphone。
i'm planning to do recording in my room。

hence i can compose a lot a lot of songs。

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yeah Pictures, Images and Photos
more songs from yamapi-dear!

Sunday, April 26





today i'm watching Takizawa kun's stageplay。

right now is the interval!

the stageplay will be continuing very soon

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it's been a long time
yamapi had such a short entry neh ^-^

according to a witness who attended this stageplay
and was sitting behind him..
he/she said that yamapi's Annie hair had extinct!
and yamapi tied up his hair while enjoying papa stageplay!
kakkoi~ *imagining*

Saturday, April 25


words in purple
are words which yamapi typed in English




today i was on MS!

my hair was super superb

but i would like to say having such a hairstyle once in a while might be good too

next week i'll be appearing on MS again!

my hair might return back to its normal shape next week, cannot say for sure

today's topic is


now i'm going to rinse my hair three times!

ah, for those of you who have not seen MS might not comprehend

today i appeared on a music program titled 「MUSIC STATION」

then, i had curly curly afro hair

so in order to get rid of the curls, now i need to rinse my hair three times (^o^)

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this is what yamapi-dear was talking about!

cool~ :D

and you might be wondering who is Annie?!?
well minna-san..
yamapi was referring to this cute lil Annie!

from this famous musical!

by the way,
i haven't seen MS performance and interview yet :x
but i'll download and watch it asap!

Friday, April 24





right now i'm taking the train。

saw a lady

with a face filled with happiness!

feels like i've become energized

cannot say for sure。

ah, someone in front noticed me。

to be stared at like this

is embarrassing

tomorrow is Mステ (music station)

a bit excited。

everyone is excited too right。


indeed all of you are excited。

i must sing 「恋のABO」 cheerily

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oh gosh! to be stared at like this..
is really embarassing..
especially when you know that everyone is staring at you because you're a celebrity..

if i were so lucky to be standing in front of yamapi..
i think i'll panick panick Pictures, Images and Photos
whether to look at him, secretly took a pic of him or SREAM!?!? (which i don't think so~ lol!)

minna look at this fanvid i just found on youtube..
the theme is Smile..
in it there's a lot of ryopi smiling video clips

smile Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, April 23





yesterday after watching tv my tension was HIGH, can't really sleep。

then went to hear Madonna's CD

her songs was so awesome, i was a little bit shocked, therefore i was HIGH once again。

in this world there are plenty of

great music。

once again i felt the world's vastness。

recently i've been listening to nice western music CD

after that, using this method, i went to find out what type of music genre i like。

unconsciously i found it。

in future, on my own, i will want everyone to see more laugh Pictures, Images and Photos

holding approximately two nationwide concert tour in a year, to allow everyone's tension to get high

i'm getting all happy by just thinking about this alone。。。。

when i'm back to reality, its already morning。

today i shall work hard in writing my lyrics。

ano, see you tomorrow

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words in purple
are what pi-chan wrote, in english ^^

today i had my first ever FYP (Final Year Project) discussion with my schoolmates and my teacher in-charge..
during the discussion, we met lots of obstacles (my mind wasn't working well today..woke up 545am, this morning *sigh*)
from just the discussion, i already can feel the pressure and stress in completing it..
i'm afraid i can't finish on time and meeting my own expectation


so far, 4 days after school starts..
i already am aware that i have 2 individual presentation
(oh gosh! i don't like presentation..
somemore this time its individual~ die diE DIE!!!)

by the way..
found something to cheer me up ^^

gosh! from this video..
i can see and feel that yamapi has really grown up alot!
it seems his behaviour and the way he communicate becomes mature (at least this is how i feel ^^)
simply just love the aura he gave in this video..

and his hair in grey outfit!! ikemen!! Drooling Smiley_2 Pictures, Images and Photos
lovin' it!!

Wednesday, April 22





it's raining。

must provide crops with moisture

today, i'm going to introduce to everyone one of my fans who have read my nikki and commented it。

residing in Fukuoka Prefecture~

「good morning! to tell you the truth。i got into johnnys の jweb through smap。」

really very honest。

yamap, last time you don't usually talk while on tv。」


「what's on your mind? so i took noticed of you for a while。in the end, i discovered your truthfulness and your great effort。
now i'm become your super fan。
even my son who is in elementary grade is jealous of you。」

please as much as possible, under the circumstances of your son not getting jealous, continue supporting smap and I ne!
yesterday smap x smap was very interesting!

next is someone who is living in the Okayama Prefecture, tomokaさん

「everyday i'm reading tomohisa kun's nikki
ever since from the time when i started watching 'Proposal Daisakusen' till now, there must be approximately two years ハレスヤ~チャンス! (Hallelujah~Chance!)

hai hai! wakarimashita! please calm down first

「today onwards please strive hard in your work。 and in the nikki too。 laugh laugh」

why must you write two 'laugh'? ehh?

「providing me with courage everyday」

ano from today onwards i will also everyday everyday ganbatte!

as stated in the letter, your age falls between 10 to 19 years old

therefore you must be a student right?

no matter what please study hard

please take care of me in the future too!

ano now i'm going to watch tv。

don't know why, suddenly, i'm excited。

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words in purple
Dear wrote it in English..

oh gosh! this is all so cute~
however it's a pretty long entry today..
kinda feeling tired now..
used up too much brain cells..

by the way from a reliable source..
these messages which Dear wrote..
were from the Jweb fans' message..
during the time period of his 2000th nikki entry..
Jweb allow fans to leave a message to Dear..
however, the source said that she isn't clear whether this campaign is still ongoing?!?
gonna wait for her clarification with her friends ^^

Tuesday, April 21





freshies of Junior High School & Senior High School & the Working Class,

how are you feeling?

are you still not getting used to it。

if you can get used to this new environment quickly and enjoy your new life, that will be great。 

when i entered Senior High School

and the University,

i could not get used to the new environment for about a month,
no, should be approximately two months

however, i'm hoping from now onwards, i can always be together with my Senior High School friends。

although there might be a period where we could not meet

when all of us gather together
we can immediately fill up the gap of time of not seeing one another。

minna, go search for someone who you can talk to and understand you from the bottom of their hearts。

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here's a short preview on next week HEY!x3
check out Dear's new hairstyle!!
super nice and HOT!!

by the way girls..
the episode of NEWS appearing on Shounen Club will be on:

bullet point duck Pictures, Images and Photos 3rd May (Sun)
bullet point duck Pictures, Images and Photos 10th May (Sun)

REMEMBER to catch it wink wink cute stuff Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, April 20





i'm sorry about yesterday

i'd fallen asleep

as i woke up in a weird timing

therefore it's ネヅジンパチ (Nezu Jinpachi)

today there is the recording for HEY!HEY!HEY!。

everyone who's here to watch, were so full of energy。

i myself became full of energy too。


today i read a letter。

the writer wrote that he/she had realised the importance of family after watching 「コード・ブルー」

as a result, he/she is thinking of bringing his/her mother for an overseas trip as a present。

all my fans are the best!!

this is what i feel。

it will be the best if it were to come true

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recently, there's lots of TOMAPI LOVE
yesterday, dear toma-kun mentioned yamapi in his nikki!!
and it was a detailed and super sweet entry! *having toothache - too* 

here it is:

volume 244


went to have a meal with Yamashitaさん again

this will be the 3rd time...


this time, it's a little different!


fukuyamaさん had tagged along!

normally ikuta toma is someone who always wait for people to ask him out, this time i made the first move to date people out!

we happily chatted a lot, from topic with substance to nonsensical men talk。

fukuyamaさん is the best...

i will work hard too~

ah, not to mention today yamashita came to the studio。 during recording break。

this is the forth time this week。



today is my first day of school..
"so fast! i'm year 3!!"
this is what i'm thinking when i'm walking from the train station to my classroom..

today there is only 1 lecture..
from 1130am - 130pm..
and i have to travel 1hr 15min to school just to attend this 2hrs lecture............*speechless*

tomorrow my lecturer cancelled her lesson from 12nn - 3pm..
leaving me with only 1 pathetic tutorial to attend which is only 1hr~
in addition, there's nothing much we can do too..
as we haven't attend the lecture for tomorrow's tutorial..

but thank goodness to my brilliant class rep..
she managed to convince my tutorial tutor to cancel tomorrow 1hr tutorial Yeah Pictures, Images and Photos
leaving us with no classes to attend tomorrow! LOL

look what i discovered!!!

           [[back view]]

      [[viewed diagonally]]

             [[front view]]

i bought this rice bowl in february this year..
i didn't know that the bear printed on this bowl was Rilakkuma..
until recently, when watchful21 posted a pic of yamapi with Rilakkuma doll hanging out from his pocket :)

the reason why i bought this bowl back then was because it was cute & i like its color combination..
and among the bowls displayed..
this was the most outstanding one..

never did i expect..
one day, this bowl will be 'somehow' related to yamapi!!!!!
indeed, it's a blessing in disguise
touched.gif Pictures, Images and Photos

and yesterday
i bought this!

i've been wanting this since Thinking Pictures, Images and Photos...............(i don't know when..haha)
finally it's in my hands!! whuahahahaha!!

okiiex..that's all for my post..
thanks for reading till here ^^


by the way, click HERE to view yamapi's new hairstyle
word to describe it: nicex~!
nicer than his permed hair x) (me not a fan of his permed hair)

Sunday, April 19

no entry

yamapi-dear did not update his nikki yesterday~ >.<

[[something not related to yamapi]]

today i went to work as flyer distributor again (yesterday i did it too~)
i got myself sunburned till my skin is super red and itchy..
now, both my arms look like fresh lobsters from the
but it was unevenly colored..

AND my face too!!
now my nose, cheeks and my forehead are super red and painful!!

hmm..i shall post up pictures of my uneven-sun-tanning tomorrow..
gomen that i can't do it now X)
as tomorrow onwards, my school break is officially over
*boring~ school s**ks to the MAX!*
therefore i will need to go to bed early~

DON'T CHA worry, i will still post yamapi's nikki translationssss!!
however, it will be a little late.. sorry (>_____<)
hope you will still continue supporting my blog..
and you'll understand my current situation ^^


PLEASE allow me to dream of yamapi tonight..
so as to brilliantly mark off a new chapter in my life (tomorrow onwards)

and sorry for my broken english (if there's any)
今, feeling tired..
lazy to re-read and edit what i'd typed =P
and by the way..
i'd changed the layout for my blog..
there's some problem with the previous skin..
what do all of you think of it?!?
personally, i prefer this skin than the previous one..
hehe ;)