Monday, April 6





today while i'm in the car to my destination

i saw sakura flower


no matter how many times i've seen sakura, it's still so beautiful!

everytime when i feel the seasons are changing

i will surely feel that

it's great to be japanese

it's true

furthermore when i'm back from other countries

and the moment i get to eat white rice

it's good

it's the best

changing the topic a little, yesterday Jin and i went to watch a movie

it's been a long time since i've watched such a boring movie like this


following that i proceed to stay at Jin's house

in the morning i was awaken by Jin's mum's yelling!

it's very loud! Photobucket

it's morning~ ピーッ助~ (pi assistant)

she did not change, it's great to have energy than anything else pi5.gif Pictures, Images and Photos

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*aww~* it's PIN love~
simply loving this pair..
both of them are ikemen and sexy but cute and sweet to each other at the same time..
who can overcome their love?!?
i know i can't..hehes..

ps: i don't mind if the 2 of them get married >.<
pardon miie for my crazy thoughts 


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