Monday, April 20





i'm sorry about yesterday

i'd fallen asleep

as i woke up in a weird timing

therefore it's ネヅジンパチ (Nezu Jinpachi)

today there is the recording for HEY!HEY!HEY!。

everyone who's here to watch, were so full of energy。

i myself became full of energy too。


today i read a letter。

the writer wrote that he/she had realised the importance of family after watching 「コード・ブルー」

as a result, he/she is thinking of bringing his/her mother for an overseas trip as a present。

all my fans are the best!!

this is what i feel。

it will be the best if it were to come true

any comments...
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recently, there's lots of TOMAPI LOVE
yesterday, dear toma-kun mentioned yamapi in his nikki!!
and it was a detailed and super sweet entry! *having toothache - too* 

here it is:

volume 244


went to have a meal with Yamashitaさん again

this will be the 3rd time...


this time, it's a little different!


fukuyamaさん had tagged along!

normally ikuta toma is someone who always wait for people to ask him out, this time i made the first move to date people out!

we happily chatted a lot, from topic with substance to nonsensical men talk。

fukuyamaさん is the best...

i will work hard too~

ah, not to mention today yamashita came to the studio。 during recording break。

this is the forth time this week。



today is my first day of school..
"so fast! i'm year 3!!"
this is what i'm thinking when i'm walking from the train station to my classroom..

today there is only 1 lecture..
from 1130am - 130pm..
and i have to travel 1hr 15min to school just to attend this 2hrs lecture............*speechless*

tomorrow my lecturer cancelled her lesson from 12nn - 3pm..
leaving me with only 1 pathetic tutorial to attend which is only 1hr~
in addition, there's nothing much we can do too..
as we haven't attend the lecture for tomorrow's tutorial..

but thank goodness to my brilliant class rep..
she managed to convince my tutorial tutor to cancel tomorrow 1hr tutorial Yeah Pictures, Images and Photos
leaving us with no classes to attend tomorrow! LOL

look what i discovered!!!

           [[back view]]

      [[viewed diagonally]]

             [[front view]]

i bought this rice bowl in february this year..
i didn't know that the bear printed on this bowl was Rilakkuma..
until recently, when watchful21 posted a pic of yamapi with Rilakkuma doll hanging out from his pocket :)

the reason why i bought this bowl back then was because it was cute & i like its color combination..
and among the bowls displayed..
this was the most outstanding one..

never did i expect..
one day, this bowl will be 'somehow' related to yamapi!!!!!
indeed, it's a blessing in disguise
touched.gif Pictures, Images and Photos

and yesterday
i bought this!

i've been wanting this since Thinking Pictures, Images and Photos...............(i don't know when..haha)
finally it's in my hands!! whuahahahaha!!

okiiex..that's all for my post..
thanks for reading till here ^^


by the way, click HERE to view yamapi's new hairstyle
word to describe it: nicex~!
nicer than his permed hair x) (me not a fan of his permed hair)

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