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today's weather is very good too

my work for today comprised of meeting and discussing matters with other party, then meeting and discussing matters with other party

next, still meeting and discussing matters with other party

why are there so many appointments

that is because~ there's too much things to settle resulting it in not completing it

they may not be things which are important and necessary

but, things i want to do or i'm able to accomplish, many of them already have reached its rotting stage

therefore, before it rot, it would be good if i could do something about it~
this is what i'm pondering about

it would be better if i could have notice it earlier

is it too late now?

must catch up to it

let's do it! smiley heart Pictures, Images and Photos


pi-dear, please don't put so much stress on yourself..
try to relax and take things one at a time (~_~)
let nature takes its course..
everything will be alright~

i'd found a sweet and cute message from and Kei chan Pictures, Images and Photos to dear pi-chan it is!

Massu's Nikki (04.09.2009)
hi everyone

happy birthday~

i sent a message to him yesterday after reaching 00:00

MA, even though we saw each other yesterday for work

wish you had a very fine and happy year ahead

i will turn 23 after reaching summer season

23 is a handsome number isn't it?

as compared to 22, 23 is even more handsome right ?

MA, it's fine with me

just eaten a great amount of 長崎かすていら (Nagasaki Cake)

got to bring a full stomach to work~

one word to describe massu's nikki on that day..
there is member-ai!!
and the both of them have this common trait in their nikkis..
which is FOOD!! lol
'birds of feather flock together' really!

Keii's Nikki (04.10.2009)
(i shall start typing from his second half of the entry..
where he mentioned yamapi..
otherwise today's post will be VERY long!!
sorry to keii-chan's fan..
i'm not being bias here..hontoni!)

on to his nikki!

9th of April is...
that's right
is 山P's birthday~
after reaching 9th of April
i sent a MAIL to him at 12:01
as a companion who have been through lives together with 山P
山P was able to be born today, really thankful
let's work hard together
saying these my birthday is coming soon
help me celebrate help me celebrate~

alright! that's all~
if i could find anymore nikki (be it tego or akanishi jin)
i will translate it and post it up here..
thanks for reading up to here ^^

NEWS banzai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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