Friday, April 24





right now i'm taking the train。

saw a lady

with a face filled with happiness!

feels like i've become energized

cannot say for sure。

ah, someone in front noticed me。

to be stared at like this

is embarrassing

tomorrow is Mステ (music station)

a bit excited。

everyone is excited too right。


indeed all of you are excited。

i must sing 「恋のABO」 cheerily

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oh gosh! to be stared at like this..
is really embarassing..
especially when you know that everyone is staring at you because you're a celebrity..

if i were so lucky to be standing in front of yamapi..
i think i'll panick panick Pictures, Images and Photos
whether to look at him, secretly took a pic of him or SREAM!?!? (which i don't think so~ lol!)

minna look at this fanvid i just found on youtube..
the theme is Smile..
in it there's a lot of ryopi smiling video clips

smile Pictures, Images and Photos

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