Saturday, April 18





although this is slightly unexpected
do all of you know SMAP's 「歯が痛い」, this song? (a song about toothache)

in short。
now, i'm having a very bad toothache。

it has been a long time
since i have this miserable feeling

anyway this morning i went to see the dentist by taking Doctor Heli

i'm joking。

there is a lot of casualties awaiting for Doctor Heli。

it's impossible to call Doctor Heli for a minor injury such as this toothache

how about travelling via trishaw in full speed?

i'm just joking。

it's not true that you cannot call Doctor Heli when your tooth is aching real bad。

i have confused myself
so i shall write tomorrow

any comments...
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sorry for this late post..
reason being - same as last week's post..hehe..

however this time i'm not that tired (weird~)
most probably is because i got used to it?!?
however i sweated a lot

by the way, i'm working tomorrow again!!
therefore please take note that tomorrow i'll post late too~

gomenasai >.<

anyway, thanks to watchful21 @ lj for sharing this:

[[HOT, SEXY, CUTE and REAL yamapi papa pic]]

an article from Josei 7 - a report on yamapi's birthday..

for more details on the report and that cute lil' dangling handphone accessory hanging from his jeans pocket..
please visit watchful21's livejournal page located over here

now the time is 3:14am..
but same explanation as last week..
i shall clock this entry as 11:59pm..
hope you'll understand :)

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