Friday, April 10





i'm 24!

with so much support from everyone only then i will still be here today

hontoni arigatou

yesterday i celebrated with my family and close friends!

feeling very embarrassed and very happy about it

this year's goal is

to become a SUPER STAR

though maybe this is a little too old fashioned, this is what i really think i want to achieve!

all the things which i'm capable of doing, i shall strive it with my all pi5.gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you!

any comments...
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take note! words in blue are words which he typed in english

yesterday was a bliss and positive post..
that's the pi that we know, right!?! =)
it seems like there's no surprise party from his friends, unlike last year (not sure about the other years)
anyway, hope he can fulfill his birthday wish as soon as possible..

and wish him all the best! *wink* Pictures, Images and Photos

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