Friday, April 3


this has nothing to do with yamapi's nikki..
however it's something to do with NEWS no NEWS!!!

according to this post

they state that uchi and kusano will unite with the rest NEWS members after they had finished promoting Koi no ABO!!! *hopefully this is not a false alarm*

this is what the report say (translated as it's from a chinese source):

[NEWS] 內博貴,草野博紀 announced returning to NEWS, Japan Popular Group NEWS 8 members once again unite
published: 2009-04-02 02:22
after 3 years, kusano and uchi announced to return to NEWS after they have finish promoting their latest single. 8 members NEWS once again unite. Leader Yamashita Tomohisa said that the 8 of them shall once again appear on screen, hope everyone would continue supporting us. Uchi expressed that being on a solo career for quite a long time, once again i'm back to NEWS, i will truly cherish it, having members by my side, am very happy. Kusano stated that he will ganbatte!

i'm not sure how true this if there's any mis-NEWS..i'm sorry about it..anyway this piece does not comes from me..i'm only helping to translate it into a universal please don't reprimand me if it's not true in the future :3 

omedetto NEWS!!!!

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