Sunday, April 19

no entry

yamapi-dear did not update his nikki yesterday~ >.<

[[something not related to yamapi]]

today i went to work as flyer distributor again (yesterday i did it too~)
i got myself sunburned till my skin is super red and itchy..
now, both my arms look like fresh lobsters from the
but it was unevenly colored..

AND my face too!!
now my nose, cheeks and my forehead are super red and painful!!

hmm..i shall post up pictures of my uneven-sun-tanning tomorrow..
gomen that i can't do it now X)
as tomorrow onwards, my school break is officially over
*boring~ school s**ks to the MAX!*
therefore i will need to go to bed early~

DON'T CHA worry, i will still post yamapi's nikki translationssss!!
however, it will be a little late.. sorry (>_____<)
hope you will still continue supporting my blog..
and you'll understand my current situation ^^


PLEASE allow me to dream of yamapi tonight..
so as to brilliantly mark off a new chapter in my life (tomorrow onwards)

and sorry for my broken english (if there's any)
今, feeling tired..
lazy to re-read and edit what i'd typed =P
and by the way..
i'd changed the layout for my blog..
there's some problem with the previous skin..
what do all of you think of it?!?
personally, i prefer this skin than the previous one..
hehe ;)

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