Wednesday, April 22





it's raining。

must provide crops with moisture

today, i'm going to introduce to everyone one of my fans who have read my nikki and commented it。

residing in Fukuoka Prefecture~

「good morning! to tell you the truth。i got into johnnys の jweb through smap。」

really very honest。

yamap, last time you don't usually talk while on tv。」


「what's on your mind? so i took noticed of you for a while。in the end, i discovered your truthfulness and your great effort。
now i'm become your super fan。
even my son who is in elementary grade is jealous of you。」

please as much as possible, under the circumstances of your son not getting jealous, continue supporting smap and I ne!
yesterday smap x smap was very interesting!

next is someone who is living in the Okayama Prefecture, tomokaさん

「everyday i'm reading tomohisa kun's nikki
ever since from the time when i started watching 'Proposal Daisakusen' till now, there must be approximately two years ハレスヤ~チャンス! (Hallelujah~Chance!)

hai hai! wakarimashita! please calm down first

「today onwards please strive hard in your work。 and in the nikki too。 laugh laugh」

why must you write two 'laugh'? ehh?

「providing me with courage everyday」

ano from today onwards i will also everyday everyday ganbatte!

as stated in the letter, your age falls between 10 to 19 years old

therefore you must be a student right?

no matter what please study hard

please take care of me in the future too!

ano now i'm going to watch tv。

don't know why, suddenly, i'm excited。

any comments...
please type it in my tagboard which is located way below the sidebar <===

words in purple
Dear wrote it in English..

oh gosh! this is all so cute~
however it's a pretty long entry today..
kinda feeling tired now..
used up too much brain cells..

by the way from a reliable source..
these messages which Dear wrote..
were from the Jweb fans' message..
during the time period of his 2000th nikki entry..
Jweb allow fans to leave a message to Dear..
however, the source said that she isn't clear whether this campaign is still ongoing?!?
gonna wait for her clarification with her friends ^^

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