Wednesday, April 29





today's weather is brilliant too!

so during the day, i was leisurely roaming around non-stop!

then i went to watch a film!

i had goosebumps

apparently after the show ended
no one stood up!

when can i have my acting skill polish to this standard

so that i can portray the similar touching feeling that I had today。

it's an ambitious and distant goal。

however it will come true

any comments...
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yamapi watching movie all alone?!?
oh my~
but sometimes i do have this urge of wanting to watch a movie alone..
not sure why though~

today 'No Reservation' was shown during 1 of my tutorial class..
before the show starts, my lecturer was telling us that this movie had received negative comments..
saying it focused too much on food instead of love..

but after finishing it..
my thoughts for it weren't like this..
instead i find its elements were evenly spread out~
and i like it!
and Catherine Zeta Jones is a real beauty~
z jones Pictures, Images and Photos
'i like the way she speaks'

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